Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales at The Vault, London

We visited The Vault in the arches underneath Waterloo Station today, to see what Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales was about. Billed as a fun event for children up to age 11, it felt suitable for H, and it had a bar, so suitable for Shaun and I too!

Mini Rumpus The Vault

Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales is happening this weekend – so if you’re reading this and it isn’t the 4th or 5th March, you’ve missed it – but never fear, it will be back. It’s a quirky event in an equally quirky venue.

The Vault makes me think of clubs where you have an area made into a creative space for everyone to use. Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales definitely does this. It’s a great space!

Mini Rumpus Tell Tale Tusk

In the main room there are live bands – at the end Tell Tale Tusk played some lovely tunes (including a cover of The Cure’s Lullaby) – by then we were tired and had got seats in the upstairs bar area which gives you a great view of the stage. Shaun and H had a game or three of Connect 4 as well!

Mini Rumpus Mask Decorating

There are craft rooms too. The main room had loads of bits to decorate a mask you’re given at the start. After that we went to the main craft room. They had run out of headbands for rabbit ears so she made do with a dream catcher (which she loves!). You could also do pom poms or some painting.

Mini Rumpus upstairs bar

There are three bars. One is upstairs (with a view of the stage), one is at the back of the main hall (without a view) and the other is in the food area.

One table in the food area had Mario Kart Double Dash set up, so H got to have a play on it with a random boy. Us parents were wanting a go as well, and did get a chance! (I suspect if it was on purpose, it was the only child-friendly game – nice touch though!)

The face painting lady was brilliant. She costs £5 for children and was quick too. H chose to be a dog (after I persuaded her not to be Yoshi as the lady was so good!) and looked fabulous!

Mini Rumpus crafts

For four hours in an area which has its own buggy area, plus has a cloakroom (£1 for kids coats, £2 for adults) and the bars, it’s pretty good. I spotted tickets are available at LittleBird too, so you can make some savings there.

Mini Rumpus groovy lights

Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales has a jamming area, beatboxers on the main stage, an under 5’s area too. As well as this there was a man designing t-shirts with whatever you want on it (£8) and a lady selling wall hangings. There is LOADS going on and plenty of time to do it.

DJ Sets in between each act came from DJ Charlie Chuckles who played plenty of child-friendly tunes.

Mini Rumpus figs in wigs linedancing

There was a bit of line dancing by some ladies dressed as cows, Figs in Wigs.

Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales is on this weekend – for more information head here.

Shaun said to me he thought this would be something H was getting too old for. We asked her afterwards. “I loved it! I really enjoyed being in the little room upstairs, playing games and listening to the music. Oh and I really loved the Kazoo’s at the end”

Mini Rumpus kazoo orchestra

Yes, there was a Kazoo Orchestra, and H got one which she HAS NOT STOPPED PLAYING! Wah. But she’s happy! My ears……

We received guestlist places to attend Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tales – thank you for the opportunity!

Mini Rumpus Trailer 2017 from Rumpus Party on Vimeo.