Lucozade Revive – A Revival Challenge

I was sent seven bottles of Lucozade Revive and given the task of a revival challenge – when I’m flagging during the day, try a bottle and see how it goes. I accepted of course.

Lucozade Revive

Lucozade Revive is available in four flavours, and each bottle is less than 50 calories. There is caffeine in there and it became my substitute for coffee at work. Every morning I drank Lucozade Revive instead.

My honest opinion? I wouldn’t drink it every day; I stopped drinking fizzy drinks a long time ago, though way back before H was ever in existence I’d drink Diet Coke with Lime which this reminded me of. I can’t think why it does, as only the Strawberry flavour has Lime, and I couldn’t taste it.

So, what is there to say about Lucozade Revive? It’s low calorie. That is a bonus, though there are sugars and sweeteners. If you don’t mind that, you won’t mind this drink.

Did it become a good caffeine replacement? Actually, yes. I found I wasn’t snacking as much at work either – and didn’t drink any coffee at all last week (I usually need a minimum of one cup and recently had been having three large mugs of filter coffee).

Lucozade Revive is packed with energy-releasing b-vitamins (B3, B5, B6 & B12), which claim to help you keep going throughout the day. I’d say that did happen – one bottle and I didn’t need anything else.

Would I buy Lucozade Revive again? As a Diet Coke replacement, almost definitely. I don’t drink fizzy or energy drinks very often at all, usually going for a large cappuccino. As a daily drink, probably not. My daily drink is water, and I’m not as good at drinking it as I should be.

Finally, the flavours. Lemongrass with Ginger – this one felt quite lime-tasting. Interesting, though the taste stayed in my mouth for quite some time. Cranberry with Acai – I don’t remember tasting the cranberry element at all, again a bit of an aftertaste. Orange with Acai – this reminded me of Fanta, but subtler – not bad. Strawberry with Lime – a nice taste, subtle again and not too overpowering, though a bit of aftertaste. The Lucozade Revive I tried with an aftertaste was a little bit lime-y.

In summary, I would say if you’re given the option to try Lucozade Revive and like Diet Coke or other fizzy drinks with sweeteners then try it out. Be aware the caffeine content isn’t mentioned anywhere  – though I have since been told it’s 10.5mg per 100ml and 40mg per 380ml for the Orange and Acai flavour – according to the Coca Cola caffeine counter a cup of filter coffee would have 140mg of caffeine so that is much lower. A can of Diet Coke is 42mg for a 330ml can.

I was sent seven bottles to try – all opinions are my own and honest.