Mix It Magazine – A New Fun Magazine Out Now!

Mix It Magazine is a new monthly magazine suitable for 4-9 year olds. We received a copy of Issue 1 & 2 to share our opinion with you!

Mix it Magazine

Mix It Magazine doesn’t have one particular subject, it has many. Issue 2 is out now and just checking inside I thought it was excellent.

If I was to mention the following brands to you and you nod your head in agreement, Mix It Magazine is one your child will love.

Rainbow Magic…. Shopkins… Minions…. DC Super Hero Girls…. Lego Friends… Masha and the Bear…. LOL Surprise…. Glimmies…. Lalaloopsy…. Puppy in my Pocket… Miraculous…. Little Miss…. and my favourite…..

The bit I loved the most was having a whole page of Powerpuff Girls stickers! Shaun and I both love the PPG and love that since the relaunch they have a new audience with H’s age range. Beyond the stickers there are activities too. Issue 1 has some great Powerpuff cutouts with the Townsville background. I can’t think of many magazines that would feature them, Mix It Magazine feels a great match!

Mix it Magazine Powerpuff Girls

Mix It Magazine is targeted at girls without being too girly. There’s an element of kick ass cartoons in there too as well as lots of different puzzles.

Each issue has branded cover gifts – Issue 2 has a Miraculous dance wand, hair bands and lip gloss set. H is enjoying putting the lip gloss on! Issue 1 had some nail files, nail stickers (which we’re saving for the summer holidays), toe separators and some nail varnish which H has already decorated her toes with..!!

Mix It Magazine is multi character, so you’re never sure who you’ll get in the next issue, but you get a good idea looking at the covers.

Mix It Magazine also features YouTube vloggers Creative Celeste and Emily Tube with a page about all the things they like. They’re a similar age to H, so that appeals to her.

H’s favourite part of the magazine was Lego Friends. One thing (apart from football or Harry Potter) you can always rely on her doing is sitting in the corner playing on her Lego table creating things. We had Merlin Passes for a couple of years and visited Legoland several times. H spent a lot of that time in the Lego Friends area.

There’s plenty of Shopkins bits too. She has a few bits which make good props for her dolls house. (which currently houses five Lottie dolls and a Finn) Mix It Magazine covers a lot of topics that would cover a wide range of girls.

Mix It Magazine Issues 1 and 2

Mix It is available now – Issue 2 has just come out, and you can still order Issue 1 here. Issue 3 will be on sale on the 10th August 2017. You can buy Mix It Magazine in all good newsagents and supermarkets!

We were sent Mix It issues 1 & 2 for the purpose of review – this is paid content and all opinions are our own.

Storytime Magazine

I recently popped into WH Smiths near work to pick up Storytime Magazine. It comes from Luma Creative, the people behind Magic Belles and it’s a lovely, back to basics traditional storytelling magazine. Read on to find out more!

Storytime Magazine

Storytime Magazine is fabulous. In an age of children’s magazines being bright colours, free toys, adverts and an entire aisle of plastic and lots of “BUY ME ME ME” I didn’t know where to start looking for Storytime. Fortunately it was around the corner – away from all those kids magazines. I know there are campaigns to remove magazines with boobs away from children’s eyes, but I’d like the majority of children’s magazines toned down too.

The first thing I noticed were the lack of adverts inside. This is a great thing – Storytime is a magazine we will love alongside H’s Okido subscription which also has no ads and no free gifts – just fun things to do and plenty of facts.

Then there’s the stories – we have a lot of story books; indeed quite a lot which are covered in here; but as H progresses as a reader I’m a firm believer in her reading the same story in as many different ways as possible. The length of stories in Storytime are the kind she would read on her own with no trouble.

Storytime Magazine Owl

Issue 1 has The Hare and the Tortoise, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Alice in Wonderland, The Owl and the Pussy-cat, Aladdin, The Fairy Bride and Perseus & Medusa. There are also puzzles and activities.

You can subscribe to the magazine and will save 25% on the cover price – as well as getting delivery direct to your door.

If I was to compare it to any other magazine, remember the Story Teller ones back in the 1980’s which included a free cassette, and featured classic stories? It’s like that without the cassette. That’s more than okay with me.

If you’ve been missing a magazine which is one you’ll keep going back to with plenty of stories, then please consider Storytime Magazine. We love it, and I’m going to subscribe to it – in fact, I believe this kind of magazine should exist so I’m going to buy one for H’s school as well to help spread the word.

Storytime Magazine is available now in WH Smiths and all good supermarkets. All libraries have been sent a copy of Issue 1, and they offer subscriptions for schools and libraries too. As well as this, you can subscribe digitally via the App Store.

Their official website is here with extra printables and activities based on the stories in the current issue. Issue 1 has 50 pages and sells for £3.99.