Mayfield Lavender – Our Local Place of Calm

Mayfield Lavender

Lavender has wonderful, calming properties; I wish our local fields, Mayfield Lavender, were open all year. If only our climate allowed it! It’s sunny right now, and the perfect weather for a wander in the fields.

Mayfield Lavender is pretty easy to find. It is several acres of fields with several varieties of lavender. The fields are full of tourists taking selfies or movies, though fortunately there’s still room for everyone – even the casual local daytrippers like us.

Mayfield Lavender collecting rosemary beetles

Our other favourite thing to do at Mayfield Lavender is to check the creatures you will find. Often it’s the rosemary beetles on the lavender (we always bring a jam jar from home to collect them and hand in to the main shop), but today for example, we found some grasshoppers!

You will find many bees too, including ones which look pretty sick. Fortunately if you pick them up carefully and place them onto the lavender they seem to come back to life.

Mayfield Lavender bees

It’s scary to think something so important is suffering right next to an important food source. We rescued five bees today alone.

As well as the acres of lavender, Mayfield Lavender also offers a cafe, shop and food area. You can also find random things like a phone box in the middle of the field (we’ve still not worked out why) as well as a couple of shelters you can hire out for parties.

The food is reasonably priced and is all the usual standard stuff, with many lavender-related treats thrown in. Such is my rediscovered love of cider, that to find a Lavender Cider was a delight!

Mayfield Lavender fields 1

If you want an afternoon out in a field of lavender, then Mayfield Lavender is the place. It costs £1 per adult, children go free, and once you’ve paid parking is free inside (and there’s a lot more parking in there these days with more available up the road).

We tend to park over the road at The Oaks. There’s a pedestrian crossing which gets you safely to the fields.

Mayfield Lavender Fields

Check their website to find out when they’re open, plus they now also have a store in Epsom which I’ll be visiting after payday!