Miffy Tulips Now Growing in Holland

Dutch tulip breeders have recently produced a variety of tulip to represent Miffy. We were sent some Miffy Tulips to plant.
miffy tulips, nijntje tulipa

Miffy Tulips are a lovely deep red colour. They were produced to match the red shade of Miffy’s dress. Miffy of course, is from Dick Bruna’s much loved bunny storybooks from over the last 60 years.

The cultivation process started back in 2001, and they’re hoping to be on sale in 2017/2018. That’s fifteen years of cultivation!!

This year there are only 2,500 Miffy bulbs in existence. You’ll find most of them in the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. It opens from the 23rd March to 21st May 2017. You’ll see them growing on their walk of fame, as well as the Miffy Garden located in the park.

Panda preparing the soil for the miffy bulbs

There are also some Miffy tulips growing in Carshalton as we received some! H planted them this weekend, it needs to happen in November. Our biggest fear is that the local squirrels will try and dig them up (I will be so cross if they do). We’re going to get some mesh to put over the top of our plant pot, so that should prevent them from doing it. This will still allow the bulbs to grow.

the miffy tulips are ready to be planted


The planting instructions are pretty straightforward. Get rid of weeds, and make sure your soil is turned over.

Place each bulb around 5cm apart, and then dig them down deep around another 10cm.

Cover them with soil and then give them a water. Then you just have to wait for them to grow.

Around March time you should start to see some Miffy tulips!

Miffy tulips being watered

They look pretty awesome and I can’t wait for a bit of colour once this coldness is over and spring begins.

We’ll be reporting back on the Miffy Tulips progress – we’re really looking forward to seeing them.

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