Mozzie Bites – A Cheap Fix If You’re Allergic

I have some mozzie bites on my arm – I’ve just posted about the lovely skin on my legs, but I forgot about this time of year when those annoying buzzy critters like to come and chomp on me, leaving behind itchy red bumps where they’ve been. I hate mosquitos, I really do. I’ve tried almost everything to repel them and nothing works. Every year they get me.

Mozzie bites are the bane of my life in summer. I attract them and I have no idea why.

Imagine how it will be when we relocate to Australia! When I’ve been in the past I’ve had mozzie bites they swell to horrible sizes – I had to be put on antibiotics one year, with steroids the following one. I get cellulitis (which is nothing to do with cellulite, it’s to do with your arm or leg swelling up thanks to the bites) and I’ve tried everything you can possibly get over the counter.

One year Shaun’s mum bought me a cream called Stingose. I wasn’t convinced but she was aware how I reacted when I was bitten – and after a night out (with all the repellent I could get on me) and the mozzies having a good feast on me, and my skin reacting, I put some Stingose on the mozzie bites. Within a day the swelling had gone and instead I just had a bruised kind of look there. It is the stuff of miracles!


You can’t get it in the UK.

I was bitten on the shoulder four times at my knitting group. After a quick look online I found that Stingose is discontinued in the UK. I have no idea why. So I had a bit of a panic… someone must have heard of it or seen it in a chemist, so I asked around. Instead I had helpful people sending me google links (to places where it is out of stock) and helpful suggestions of other creams, but I need something I know works.

mozzie bites, styptic pencil

Then Shaun came up with the genius solution – a Styptic Pencil. It has exactly the same ingredients as Stingose – and it’s also a lot cheaper! So off I went to Boots and picked one up. Sure enough its main purpose is shaving cuts, but insect bites is listed there too.

If you’re like me and a sensitive soul then I’d recommend giving the Styptic Pencil a try – you just dab it in water and put it on the bite. Obviously I’m not a doctor so maybe do some research into it before you try. If you too are trying to find some Stingose in the UK and failing, then this is your best solution.

That and I’ve bought an Executioner¬†which should arrive early next week. Damn critters. This is very un-vegetarian of me, I know – but I don’t eat mozzies.