Mummy Pig Gifts for Mother’s Day

When we went to Peppa Pig World, one of our most favourite things in the shop was the range of things for grown-ups. Actually, almost all of my friends who have been have said exactly the same – they’re brilliant, funny and different – and what better excuse to get some Mummy Pig gifts with Mother’s Day on the horizon (15th March, in case you weren’t sure).

The Mummy Pig gifts range in price and size – and are the kind of thing your child might want to choose you, rather than something you’d choose yourself, if that makes sense? H chose Shaun a few bits from the Peppa Pig World shop and he still wears and uses them – because they have a bit more meaning to a random present bought by me on H’s behalf. You know that they’ve been chosen.

mummy pig gifts - pyjamas

Asda have some Mummy Pig pyjamas which at £13 don’t break the bank and look quite fun! Available in sizes 8-22.

There are also some ‘Mum in a Million’ slippers again available from Asda, fits sizes 3-8 and has a RRP of £6.

mummy pig gifts - slippers

How about some matching ‘Mum in a Million’ socks? Again, Asda has them, with a RRP of £2.50.

mummy pig gifts - socks

There are some books and a weeble character available too, although I don’t think they’re quite as much Mummy Pig gifts for mummies as for your little ones! They’re available from all good bookstores and toy stores.

Speaking from experience, and from having spoken to many of my mum friends after they’ve been to Peppa Pig world, someone always comes back with a keyring or a pair of socks, so actually having the Peppa range available for Mother’s Day is a good idea.

You can order the Peppa nightwear range online from or find them in-store in the George clothing section.

Peppa Pig – The Golden Boots is in all cinemas now for half term – the perfect chance to take your littlest ones to the cinema for the first time!