You Can Shop Local With MyHigh.St

I like to support local businesses where we are as much as possible – especially with all the recent articles about big online retailers who shall remain nameless right now. We’ve some great shops, but they don’t stock everything – but fear not, help is on the way with!

myhigh.stMyHigh.St concentrates on local shops and has some fabulous choice – and even better, you can order online. There’s so much choice – from food to craft to crockery to bakeware, creams, lotions and potions, and gadgets too!

The site looks lovely. For me, part of a good shopping experience is a good looking site – and MyHigh.St has just that; a good logo, the right fonts, enough information. It’s somewhere I enjoyed having a good browse.

Because of my terrible lack of style, I like to have things around me that don’t match so somehow one day they will. This is why this wonderful purple cookware fry pan jumped out at me. Colourworks purple frying pan

Who doesn’t want a purple frying pan? Seriously, I love it! I NEED it. What’s your favourite colour?

One thing I’m bad at is sleeping. Which is why this Sleepy Cream jumped out at me – it looks lovely and boy, do I need some sleep. If you click their shop name (Querencia) you can see a picture of their premises. If I happened to be in Stroud this is exactly the sort of shop I’d go into. I quite like that about the site – you get an idea of the kind of things the shops sell, you get a feel for them. They’re online shops with personalities! querencia sleepy cream

In our house you can never have too many mugs. Especially if they’re Brontë themed – but if all else fails, Emma Bridgewater has half pint mugs too! With spots! Obviously I need it to go with my purple frying pan and orange Brontë cup. Wuthering Heights mug Emma Bridgewater mug

I think you’ll find I have impeccable taste!

Shaun says he would buy this Stellar Electrical Stand Mixer as he’s always wanted one and as he does like to try all our gadgets at home. The most pleasing thing is that the shops on MyHigh.St don’t just stock local things – there’s big brands for sale – but you’re supporting the local shops. Stellar Electrical Stand MixerThat’s not all. The shops within MyHigh.St have a points system, Hi-Points – you earn one Hi-point per £1 spent to spend online with them. As someone who keeps many kinds of points this sort of shopping appeals to me!

I was going to add how I wish the site broke up the shops into areas (especially as they offer click & collect for some purchases) when I stumbled across this page – it’s going to happen! You can discover some new high streets – I can’t wait for it to launch! At a time when we’re all being encouraged to shop local, this kind of setup, and it being free is brilliant – I’ve already recommended it to one of my local stores, hopefully they’ll get on board!

This is my entry for a blogger competition to try and win £200 to spend on the site – all items above are ones we’d definitely buy!