Hornby Tea and Toy Party

In case you’d forgotten, the Olympics are coming soon to London (our high street has banners ready for the torch procession coming soon). There’s a ton of merchandise out there – and within that there’s some old classics who’ve made some lovely products available.

Hornby Tea PartyLast Saturday H and I headed to Hamleys for a Hornby Tea and Toy party, where we got to look at a lot of the Olympic 2012 range of toys and have a play. H had a chance to have a play with a Scalextric (she’s not quite got the co-ordination, but loved putting the cars back on the track), and wanted to climb up and play with the Olympic trains in the centre of the track (trains and railways are going down extremely well at the moment).

H watching the Scalextric

I have to say, I wasn’t a fan of our 2012 logo when I first saw it, but seeing this merchandise I’m finding that actually it works quite well – its subtler than I’d have thought it could be, and with the union jack, or just classic London things (buses, cabs, tube trains as well as a mini which we bought) they’re really nice.

H meets Wenlock

The tea party also included a visit from Wenlock our Olympics Mascot. H was initially a bit shy, but came out of her shell after a few minutes and seemed to constantly want to give him a hug! Luckily in our fab goody bags we got a Wenlock (and Mandeville, the paralympics mascot) keyring, so that kept her happy later on…

The one thing I missed and wish we’d seen was the Olympic die-cast figurines – they look pretty cool and a nice memento of the games (though quite expensive!).

Hornby have made some fabulous mementoes, and I’d definitely recommend having a look at their site – and now H has a memento of the Olympics that she’ll be playing with for a long time.