Panasonic Kitchen Appliances

Back at BritMums I got to have a nosey at some Panasonic Kitchen Appliances, though not their latest range. These ones look pretty special!

The Panasonic Integrated Appliances Range┬áhas some brilliant choices. I’m really liking the induction Hob as one of my least favourite jobs around the house is cleaning the spillages around the cooker, especially if we don’t do it immediately so they dry out and get burnt on a little more than they should. Imagine – a flat surface you can just wipe, which stays cool as it’s clever and knows not to be warm there – it directs the heat into the centre. In fact, it’s on scratch-free glass too, and looks pretty good.

Sigh. I hate renting sometimes! This sounds ideal to my lazy nature. Have a watch of this video – it sounds too good to be true :

Another appliance I’m really liking is the dishwasher in this range, which claims to be their quietest ever; whisper quiet (44db). THIS appeals a lot, as our (rental) dishwasher is noisy, and shabby. It works which is the main thing, although half of the front handle has broken off. This dishwasher looks sleek and has loads of space too – my kind of thing, it means you don’t have to set it off every day – but also if you do that it won’t be noisy. I like the kind of appliances I can put on last thing at night and know it’s done by the morning. It also has an A+++ energy rating which is good.

As well as that I’m liking the features within the dishwasher – you can easily organise your shelves, they move as well so you’re not restricted to a certain height, and there’s a cutlery shelf. It looks pretty excellent as far as dishwashers go – watch the video and see!

As I said before, we rent so the reality of us ever having anything like this is pretty much non-existent, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming! Now if someone can invent a washing machine which is also as quiet as this dishwasher and will put out the washing on the line for you too, I’ll be more than happy!

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