We Marched for a People’s Vote

On 23rd March 2019 we marched in Central London for the People’s Vote.

The People’s Vote is a campaign behind getting the Government to break themselves out of the deadlock they find themselves in (read : stubborn Prime Minister who doesn’t seem to listen to anyone), and put the final vote about Brexit back to the people.

People's Vote March in London, 2019

The area we live in voted for Remain by a fairly large margin. We’re represented by a backbench Conservative MP who votes with the Government. Already politics is not speaking to or representing me. In turn, this means he’s not representing H either.

People's Vote 2019 Gove Will Tear Us Apart

So we marched. Well, we walked at a slow, steady pace from Green Park to Downing Street.

We ended up right outside Downing Street in time to hear Sandi Toksvig introduce Anna Soubry (who we couldn’t hear). We were in time to hear David Lammy, Nicola Sturgeon, Jess Phillips and so many others. So many great speakers. The politician who resonated the most with H was Jo Swinson (with her baby) who thanked all the children for being there. Because it’s their future and they can’t do anything about it.

Jo Swinson Put it to the People March 2019

It was a good, safe place for a nine year old to be and to be a part of something. It might all come to nothing, but it might make a difference. Already the Prime Minister has made remarks about the march which are putting it down, saying it doesn’t matter. Two million people would disagree, Theresa.

Jess Phillips Put it to the People March

Everyone was so friendly. So many older folks saying they were marching “for her” (H) because they know it’s her future too.

Nicola Sturgeon Put it to the People March

So we did something. We were a part of something, we saw brilliant placards, we heard brilliant speeches, we were there.

If it doesn’t make a difference we tried our best. But if it does make a difference we were a part of it.

I voted to remain, I didn’t vote for the mess this country is currently in. It seems to me this is more about holding a political party I could never vote for together, than the interests of the people living in the country. The EU isn’t perfect, but changes come from within – not outside.