PNP – Portable North Pole Video Message

Portable North Pole Video messages are back – the chance to get a personalised video from Santa! Well what are you waiting for?

Portable North Pole video

Portable North Pole video messages are brilliant! We’ve been provided with a promo code to try out the premium video as well as receive a personalised phone call from Santa, which isn’t working just yet but should be soon. You can also download the PNP App to view your video, again not yet available, hopefully soon.

H loved her Portable North Pole video – Santa said “hello H!” and her face lit up, we got a sort of gasp and she started to wave – and yet again Santa knew EVERYTHING she’d done and had the photos to prove it..  These of course are the things I’ve set up while she was distracted, watching tv – which were straightforward, quick and editable.

portable north pole video options

I was quite pleased to see you can edit the options, for example, the four names which are shown on books are in the area where other children have been good. I amended those to her friends names from school rather than Shaun and I and her cousins as it was a better fit on the video.

portable north pole video options

On completion we got an additional Portable North Pole video which has Santa delivering his presents on Christmas Eve. The video is marked that way in your account but not when you’re viewing it. Fortunately it was vague enough that it just looked like he was checking where we live rather than saying he was on his way – a big parent fail from me there!

portable north pole video options

Ultimately, it didn’t matter, H found it magical and was delighted Santa knew so much about her and had a little book which told them what she’d done. I’d recommend ordering it in the evening and showing your child the following day. You can add a few photos of key moments from the year, and get photos from your Facebook albums which was handy. I selected five photos in total, two from holidays, one family, one of H and one of a picture she drew which came at no extra cost.

The Portable North Pole video was available immediately and we’ve already watched it a few times. If you want to start that Christmas feeling early, I’d recommend PNP – it’s a big hit in this house! We haven’t ordered the video on DVD, which comes at an additional cost, and are happy to stream it.

We’ll report back once the phone call is available, that should be interesting..
Head on over to PNP – Portable North Pole to order yours!

If you place an order and fancy a 20% discount on any of the digital products in the PNP Store, using the code BLG20BKP will work – it’s valid until the 1st January 2014.

The premium Christmas Video costs £2.99

Portable North Pole video

We were provided with a promo code to try out the Portable North Pole video message service – all opinions are our own.

Portable North Pole – the Santa Sprint App

Portable North Pole is back for 2013 – and this year there’s also an app – Santa Sprint. We were given a code to give it a go.

Santa Sprint is a new game from the people behind Portable North Pole. I think we’re right on the borderline for this game and it’s something H will really enjoy very soon, but she isn’t quite there.

Santa Sprint

Santa Sprint

You need to complete each level by collecting all the various objects (and additional extras) then make your way to the stairs to progress to the next. There are several levels you can play, within each group. I’ve been playing in the library so far. This has been simple enough, but of course there are obstacles on the way – and this is where H got upset unfortunately! (she’s quite sensitive)

Santa Sprint

She was a bit upset about the ‘flame’ type characters which drain your energy levels (the area at the top where there’s a heart), which made her burst into tears! So I’ve taken it over and am finding it fun – and a break from Plants vs Zombies 2.

Santa Sprint 3

Santa Sprint is straightforward enough – and once you clear a floor you get a special treat from Santa (we’ve had a story which H enjoyed).

Santa Sprint

This part left me confused – H is only four, so having a Santa treat at the end isn’t something she’d benefit from if I’m playing the game. Maybe when she’s six or seven? Will she still believe in Santa then? (I hope so!)

At the end of each level, if you have enough coins you can update your clothes, magic, heat, agility and you have an option to buy double points.

You have three options for a Second Chance, and if you want any more then you guessed it – you have to buy them.

Santa Sprint

I found higher levels there was sometimes a delay in loading, but I put that down to my iPad Mini rather than the game – I have no other devices I can try it on, as it isn’t compatible with our first generation iPad.

Santa Sprint is fun, probably not one for younger kids, and has in-app purchases which I’ve switched off. 
You can buy it now at the App Store for £1.99.

We were sent a code to review Santa Sprint, all opinions are our own.

Portable North Pole – It’s Back!

Portable North Pole Santa Ho Ho hoNow H is three we’re embracing Christmas big time, even though I try not to spoil her too much. My best memories from childhood were the times we’d see Santa at the Co-Op in the centre of York, so we always try to make sure anything involving Santa is memorable and fun – and Portable North Pole are doing just that.

Portable North Pole are back – we’re in the digital age now, so my lucky girl gets a personalised video from Santa who knows where to come to leave her present (for being good and listening to her parents – ha…), he knows two good events from the last year, and he knows some basic information – and as far as H is concerned Santa is the BEST! (and I’m sure every time she sees him from now on she’ll remind him of the nice video and be a bit confused when he asks her what she wants for Christmas AGAIN…)

Of course, the reality is that I’ve trawled through a years worth of photos and memories while asking the right questions so the video could be created – so that’s a photo from Peppa Pig World, a photo from our Welsh holiday, and a picture of last year’s Christmas tree – but it’s enough to make the video pretty magical; every time Santa asked her a question she answered him when we watched it!

You can have unlimited online views of your video too through the Christmas holidays so plenty of time to watch (the five minute deluxe version lasts until March 2013). The videos include brand new scenes from Santa’s village, new elf clips and more.

The setup of the video took around ten minutes (a lot of that was finding the right photos), the video arrived immediately and loaded within two minutes. Santa looks like a proper santa, a nice long beard and his elves are good too!

This year, Portable North Pole has pledged to donate 5% of all personalized product sales to participating Children’s Hospital foundations in the U.S, UK, Ireland, Canada and France, as part of the PNP Children’s Hospital programme.

In 2012, Portable North Pole is also offering a personalised phone call from Santa himself! There’s also an augmented reality interactive letter, sealed with some magic by the elves! The letter includes a premium video and facial scan feature which Santa uses to check if the child is on his nice list.

Portable North Pole options for video

Also new for 2012, Portable North Pole has an updated iPNP mobile and tablet app (cost £1.99), which includes the premium video, interactive advent calendar and phone calls from Santa (n.b. you need to buy this separately). Last year the Portable North Pole app was among the top 10 paid downloads on the Apple Store in the UK. Click here to get the App

Portable North Pole Santa Has a Message For You

Santa’s e-shop on the Portable North Pole website is also stocked with a range of new personalized gifts, from letters, colouring books and place mats, to books, puzzles and “Santa’s NiceList” certificates – and I can offer a code which gives you 10% off – just use BLOG10BK – check this video for more information!

We were provided with a code for the Premium Video, all thoughts are our own – H loves it!