Quick Meals When You’re Short On Time

Quick meals are what I’m all about. If you’ve followed Mum Friendly for a while you may well know my love of my soup maker. I do know that it isn’t something everyone has though, and quite often I see recipes where people make fresh soup the longer way.

That’s fine – but for us there’s a lack of time to do that, so we need food that is ready within thirty minutes every evening, as I refuse to take the ready meal route and hardly ever make food to freeze for the week ahead.

I have two videos from Panasonic featuring renowned TV chef Jo Pratt who is making quick meals using a Panasonic Microwave.

I enjoyed trying out this receipe with my soup maker, and it’s nice to know that the Panasonic Microwave also provides another quick option to getting dinner on the table in half an hour

tomato soup quick meals ingredients

My ingredients were slightly different – I have tomatoes, and I over ordered red peppers so have added some of those instead, but otherwise I have a carrot, an onion and some celery, plus the paprika, so I’m ready!

Here’s the Panasonic video for tomato soup :

I have to say, I think I made a few mistakes using the soup maker – the soup was pretty tasty (the paprika was really subtle), but I think I need a little more work – heck, I might even try it the microwave way in future as it’s another way of making food but being able to pay H attention. Quick meals are definitely the way forward here.

quick meals tomato soup

Panasonic also have a microwave recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese using the Panasonic Microwave which is also worth watching – again, handy if you want to cook but need to pay attention to your child. I’d never have thought of doing it in the microwave, so it’s a handy backup as and when homework kicks in properly.

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