Rug Doctor – A Review

We were given an opportunity to review a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner – not your average review item, but perfect for us!

Rug Doctor’s website says all carpets really should be deep cleaned every twelve months. We have just signed our third year tenancy agreement, and while all the furniture is our own, the carpets aren’t, and they’re the proper ‘landlord’ kind. They also show dust. My Dyson cleaner wasn’t doing what it should and you could still see the dust, so having an opportunity to review some Rug Doctor cleaners with a loan of a machine was something that we HAD to do.

The last time our carpet was properly cleaned would have been as we moved in, so it was long overdue. While we don’t own our house, it is our home, so I took H out for the day while Shaun stayed at home and cleaned. (lucky him!)

Rug DoctorOne really good thing about the carpets being damp after cleaning was the warm weather – most surfaces were dry enough to walk on after 2-3 hours. There was even enough of the cleaner to clean our old armchair – something which has been needed for a long time (gulp, seven years?) as the stains on the arm rests were driving us mad. Add to that the car which again was long overdue a clean, and all of a sudden I could breathe again!

The Rug Doctor cleaner did more than that – a clean settee, clean carpets with only one stain it couldn’t remove (Shaun thinks it may be pink felt tip) – our house feels clean, and really now we need to keep on top of this and do proper weekly cleans.

Rug Doctor

The Rug Doctor was very easy to use, the instructions were easy to follow, and the carpets in the house were all done in a few hours. It cleaned the carpet really well, the hand-held nozzle was useful for sides in the bathroom as well as doing the settee. We also received a Spot & Stain Removal Spray, a Heavy Foot Traffic Area Spray and an Odour Removal Spray, all of which worked really well.

Rug DoctorThe car was cleaned within an hour, and after three years of making do with the odd vacuum the car does look fresher than before. How long it will last is another matter…

In summary, our surfaces cleaned have come up much cleaner than before, and we’re really happy with the results. You can hire a Rug Doctor for 24 hours from many places – if you’ve been holding off I’d say give it a try, you could be pleased too!