Singalonga Frozen at Hampton Court

In the last year our lives have very slowly been taken over by THAT film. Last Christmas we took H to see Frozen, and in the months since it has become her latest obsession. When it was announced Singalonga Frozen would be coming to Hampton Court, and would go ahead whatever the weather, we bought tickets.

Singalonga Frozen

Singalonga Frozen was at Hampton Court and has been doing a tour around loads of interesting venues (alongside other films) with The Luna Cinema – the last night of the season at Leeds Castle tonight (Sunday 12th October).

So what do you need to know? Here’s my handy checklist:

Singalonga Frozen

It is October – it is COLD. Take fleeces, blankets, waterproofs, warm things. There was one tea stand which was reasonably priced, but the queue was long. I’d suggest taking a flask.

We took camping chairs for everyone – even though once the film started the girls all sat on our knees – this was a good thing as it was getting so cold I thought I might faint (this happens a lot) – we warmed up quickly, so it wasn’t so bad.

We also took a picnic. Some people brought in Pizza Express takeouts, but you really could take anything in there.

Benefit makeover

There was a Benefit stand as you walk in – you get your photo taken and if you’re lucky you can win a chance to sit in the VIP inflatable chairs just in front of the blanket area. We missed this, as it wasn’t completely obvious, but it wasn’t a problem.

Ah yes, the seating areas – there’s a flat bit at the front for people with blankets, the inflatable chairs, the VIP areas (approx £25 per person) then the area everyone else can sit. H could see in our regular seats, but sat on my knee and could see even better.

You get the words to the songs! This is good as obviously even though your child will probably know them off by heart, you can bluff your way around it too.

Singalonga Frozen

The only food option was hot dogs – fine if you’re not a vegetarian. If you are, take some food in! They had some granola for sale with the coffee which I did buy, as well as crisps and popcorn.

Merch. There was plenty – I bought H a ring for £1 and a purse for £2. There was pricey stuff and the cheaper ones too, so a good balance.

Benefit were one of the sponsors – you could buy sample sizes of the cosmetics for £2 with all money going to Refuge – I bought a bag. Benefit were also offering £1 makeovers which the girls all had done as well.

Singalonga Frozen

Follow the Luna Cinema on Facebook for information about more events – they’re planning next year already, and I know it’s something we’ll do again. The girls loved it, and despite the cold it was a brilliant night – plus they got to get their photos taken with ‘Elsa’ – we missed ‘Kristoff’ though (I haven’t dared tell H!).

Tickets came in around £15 each, with loads of options available. I’d definitely recommend it if you want to do something a bit different – especially if you’re already a fan of the film! We were also able to wander around the grounds prior to the film starting, although it was the girls who ran around a bit more than we did!