Saaf Pure Organic Skincare Review

Saaf Pure Organic Skincare approached me asking if I’d like to review anything from their range.

I had a look at the Saaf Pure Organic Skincare website for something which would help the long-standing dry skin patch on my leg. While various lotions and potions helped it fade, it would still get itchy and I’d find the rash came back after one scratch.

Saaf Pure Organic Skincare

Looking at my skin I could see it was badly dehydrated which could be fixed, but nothing was working to stop the itch.

After describing my problem Saaf Pure Organic Skincare suggested I try some Super Hydrating Body Balm alongside some Eraser Body Oil. My husband, ever the sceptic, didn’t believe anything could shift the rash and that I needed to go back to the doctor but I wanted to persevere. This was the first time I was going to try something which would work on the itchiness.

All Saaf Pure Organic Skincare products are vegetarian, vegan, cruelty free and Halal approved. They are also 95-97% organic. Their founder, Dr Mah, draws on her in-depth homeopathic and pharmacological experience to formulate botanicals into blends which help smooth lines, soothe blemishes, nourish dryness, nurture fragilities and restore natural balance. There’s also no added alcohol, fragrance or chemicals. Dr Mah’s twins put some in their mouths so she made sure all ingredients were all edible!

From cold pressed botanicals to steam distilled essential oils, the ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic effects and the blends are scientifically formulated by a team of experts. There’s a list of all the ingredients here. Saaf Pure Organic Skincare is also fully certified organic by the Soil Association

The Super Hydrating Body Balm – which is solid – makes my skin smell a-maz-ing; it smells like a spa. The body balm is good for dry or prematurely ageing skin and is scented with essential oils – they recommend using on elbows and knees and is suitable for all over. It’s worth it to smell THIS Good – and after two months I still have loads left.

Saaf Pure Organic Skincare

I’ve used the Eraser Body Oil daily for the last two months. You don’t need a lot and it rubs in well, though I’ve found it’s best to apply after a bath or shower. I still have the best part of a bottle left – a little goes a long way with this oil.

The Saaf Pure Organic Skincare products are also safe to use if pregnant says their FAQ :

I’m pregnant, should I be worried about using essential oils?

All our skincare products are safe to use during pregnancy, as we use the finest quality essential oils in small amounts. Our Complexion Boosting Serum contains Juniper Berry essential oil, which some aromatherapists believe may be contra-indicated in pregnancy, however we use less than 0.2% and Dr Mah developed the serum to use herself during her own pregnancy, so it certainly has her seal of approval.

I’m amazed at how effective it has been making my rash go away. The skincare isn’t cheap; you can get a smaller kit on offer at the moment; but for me I’d happily pay to keep the rash away. It is the only product I’ve used which has worked on both sides of the problem.

I was sent full-sized versions of both products to test, thank you! I didn’t think anything would work and I’m so pleased with the results!