A Special K ‘Pinch More Than An Inch’ Special

BritMums have a competition with Special K and this is my entry. We were sent a box to try (H “this is SPECIAL – it belongs to Mummy!”) and to see how much we have changed in the last thirty years, since Special K was first launched.

I remember 1983 well. ‘Can you pinch more than an inch?’ was Special K’s catchphrase and it stuck with me through the years. At school we’d often try to pinch more than an inch, almost nipping and pulling our skin to make sure we could. These days I almost certainly could but that’s part of having had a baby, stretchy skin, you know?

Memories of 1983 have several key things – music, football and television programmes. Back in 1983 Grange Hill was easily my obsession – it was the Roland, Jonah and Zammo years – see here :

Roland Jonah and Zammo

These days I get my keys cut at our local key cutting shop… recognise that chap? The one on the left that is. The other is me a couple of years ago…

Zammo Mentor

Okay, let’s try music. From 1981 until 1987-ish (when I got sick of Stock, Aitken and Waterman taking over the charts) I wrote down the Top 40 every week. Here’s the chart from this week in 1983, complete with handy colour code that only a thirteen year old could possibly do. It’s a bloody good chart in 1983 too, I’d say I like at least 50% of the Top 40 which is 50% more than I like of the current one. (click to enlarge, it’s worth it – and Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ was number one!)

1983 May 10th Chart

These days I get my Top 200 on a spreadsheet… and it isn’t colour coded.

Musically, the albums I received for Christmas were New Order’s ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’, Aztec Camera’s ‘High Land Hard Rain’ and the Cocteau Twins ‘Head Over Heels’. I still have and love them all, but these days I own them on CD…


Football – I was a Tottenham supporter (still am), and 30 years ago we finished fourth in the league. There’s still two games before we know for sure (we’re playing Chelsea right now and are 1-1) but I’m keeping everything crossed we’ll also finish fourth this year…. Sadly Tottenham haven’t had an opportunity to make a record these last few years, nor any of their players. (the world will now breathe a collective sigh of relief as Glenn and Chris recorded in 1987)

Okay, school. I’m obviously no longer at school, and here’s our class photo from 1983, what a lovely lot we are!

Mill Mount 1983

I do actually have a different hairstyle. This time last year it was the same as 1983 though. I’m sensing a theme here. Special K may have changed, but have I? There’s only one set of people I can ask for their honest opinion – some of the ladies on the picture above that I’m still in touch with.

Lisa: Still passionate about music – no change there! (”,) x
Nicky: When you stayed last year it took me back to being 12… Not changed a bit xx
Lisa : You don’t look that different either!
Lynn : You still look like Jo Indie Pop with your stripey shirts!
Sheena : There are one or two of my school friends who quite honestly barely have changed at all. And you Jo are one of those! You look the same you are listen to the same music (and share it which is lovely) and no one would be surprised at your life! You have not changed!
Debbie : Presumably you still write the Top 40 down each week?
Mel : Bet you havent done a home perm again though?
Lisa : you are lucky miss peter pan. I don’t think you are any different. bar fringe x
Catherine : You haven’t changed a bit! And you’ve turned your passion for music into a career and the writing is still going too.

I can confirm I will never have a home perm in my life ever again. I blame my mum. At LAST! I have changed!!!!

So, Special K, how much have you changed? Gone are the ‘pinch more than an inch’ days, and the new recipe now contains three grains – rice, wheat and barley. Wholegrains are in now too which are a source of fibre and there’s eight vitamins and minerals – and it’s a box of cereal I’m finding myself sharing with H on a morning – and I like the new variety – I just wish I had more for myself!

At least something has changed in here….



We received a box of Special K to take part in this challenge.