Star Wars Reads Day 2015

Have you heard of Star Wars Reads Day? It’s to encourage children to read, and of course, it involves Star Wars. We were invited to take part this year, and so organised a treat for H and her Star Wars loving pals after school!

Star Wars Reads Day lightsaber practice

Star Wars Reads Day happens once a year, with events happening all over. Our local library had an event in the lead up to the big day too. We were sent a selection of books from Disney to celebrate it ourselves – and celebrate we did! Attending were the Star Wars Kid, Clone Trooper Commander Cody, Darth Maul and of course Darth Vader (pictured above, l-r). The afternoon started with a spot of lightsaber practice.

What do you need for a good Star Wars Reads Day? Well we were sent a fine selection of books – which almost didn’t get out of my workplace in one piece. There are some fantastic books for learning – as one workmate said “I wish maths had been like this in my day” – they’re all published by Scholastic Press and are available from Amazon and all good bookstores. As well as this we were sent some activity packs, door hangers, bookmarks, badges and cards to collect (looks like H has a new hobby to spend her pocket money on!)

I liked the Writing Skills book – H is doing really well with her reading, and I felt this would help enhance her writing – and it’s only £5.99 at Amazon too.

Star Wars Reads Day has a fab workbook – as all too soon budding Jedi’s (and Sith’s) need a bit of a rest after playing with their lightsabers. You can download it here – and our kids got working through them, doing a spot of colouring in Yoda. See, it may be a reads day, but you’re still reading the instructions to find out what to do.  There’s a maze, wordsearch, colouring – plenty to do!

Star Wars Reads Day Activity Kit

No Star Wars fan’s special Star Wars Reads Day is complete without the chance to build a TIE fighter – and that involved team work, each child working on an individual part, before us adults stepped in to help at the very end. Pretty impressive too!

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Luckily we were sent this excellent Star Wars Starfighter Workshop book – you can build a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing, and there are plenty of activities inside. All the kids wanted to make the model, and it was a good bit of teamwork putting it together. As well as Star Wars, there’s Star Wars Rebels – and we were sent a jigsaw puzzle which Darth Vader got on with straight away! Star Wars Reads Day Darth Vader doing jigsaw In fact, we all popped by to help her, they were nice big pieces, suitable for age 3 and up, with enough going on that it wasn’t too tricky. You can’t beat working on expression with a joke book – and the Star Wars Joke Book doesn’t disappoint. My favourite one – How does a Jedi make a call? On his Yodafone (I may have told this several times). H enjoys joke books and bagged this one straight away – to then tell us them all in a day, pretty much! She’s telling Commander Cody a few in this picture. Star Wars Reads Day joke book However, Commander Cody is way too busy checking out everything he needs to know about Star Wars. He knows a LOT. Now he knows even more, thanks to Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. This book would make a fantastic present for a big Star Wars fan – especially with Christmas coming! Star Wars Reads Day Commander Cody Commander Cody loves reading! Star Wars Reads Day Lightsaber break There was just enough time for Commander Cody and Darth Maul to take on the Star Wars kid – think she needs to work on her lightsaber technique… Finally, to end a hectic day, the Star Wars kid decided she really needed to swot up on the Star Wars story – luckily there was Star Wars In 100 Scenes which she settled down to read.

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We were sent a selection of books, trading cards, activities, and many other Star Wars things for the purpose of having a Star Wars Reads Day. All product images are affiliate links. All clothes the Jedi/Sith/Kid’s own.