Review – Tesco Finest* Lighter Pizzas

If you’ve followed this site for a while then you’ll probably know I love pizza. Pizza is my downfall, my weakness. I did Weight Watchers (still am!) and didn’t eat as much of the glorious dough-y stuff for a while, having occasional ones here and there while trawling the supermarkets looking for the elusive WW own brand pizza. I’ve still never found them.

Finest Pizza Low Calorie


Help is at hand though – Tesco have their own brand lighter pizzas in the Finest range – and we were sent two – the Finest Woodfired Chargrilled Pepper and Tomato & Chipotle Chilli Salsa (430 calories) and Woodfired Chicken, Mint & Coriander (445 calories) varieties. There are also Woodfired Margherita & Basil Pesto and Woodfired Salsiccia Marinara Pizza varieties available. (I don’t have any calorie information for those)

Finest Pizza Low Calorie

Weight Watchers wise they’d be approximately 11 points at the most which for me is great – given a regular Domino’s slice can be 7 points.

Finest Pizza Low Calorie

In fact, both pizzas are delicious and we enjoyed them tonight – the vegetarian one being the one I had (its spicy, I did have to take some of the chillies off, but it had a good taste to it, minimal cheese but you didn’t miss it and tomato so well sundried H didn’t complain about them which is a plus!), and the chicken one being the one Shaun and H shared and found the chicken to be just right, the sauce complemented the pizza well and the mint and coriander dressing was pretty good too. The base is really thin and crispy and didn’t get soggy (which I hate when that happens) and held the toppings well.

Finest Pizza Low Calorie - chicken

The toppings weren’t generous but they were adequate – the pizzas were filling without being too much. Had I been more organised we’d have had it with a salad, but we got in tonight quite late so had very little time to prepare anything.

Finest Pizza Low Calorie - pepper

These pizzas are available in store now – pick them up before I buy them all… I’m definitely trying the cheese and tomato one!  They cost £4 each or are on offer at £7 for two.

We were sent the pizzas for the purpose of review. My opinion is honest and full of huge relief at a decent low-calorie pizza at LAST.

Tesco Prepared Fruit and Veg ranges – a Review

Tesco have made available some new prepared fruit and veg ranges in store right now – and we were lucky to be sent some to sample and review.

We’re always pushed for time after work (especially when there’s a landslip in Horsham so all the trains are messed up), with not much time to prepare food to get it on the table, anything that helps is a good thing. If I know I don’t have long then occasionally I’ll buy some prepared vegetables to save some time, and this is where this range sits with our family.

Tesco Stir Fry

We always sit to eat together every evening – and we eat roughly the same foods – and as luck would have it, this food arrived on the first day we found out H had chicken pox, which was brilliant timing – as the last thing you want to do is spend ages preparing food.


For the last two night we’ve had stir fries and padded it out with some tofu or quorn for protein, which hasn’t taken much time to prepare at all. For desserts we had a fruit platter, one of which comes with mini meringues and sauce, the other with biscuit and fudge pieces and chocolate – and I did a quick WeightWatchers calculation and both came in around two points with my portion size, which was pleasing!

Tesco Fruit Platter Dessert

One thing I’ve found with the prepared foods like this is they’ll go off before their use by date or get a bit smelly – but I’ve found that these keep their crunchiness and taste going right up to the use by date which is worth bearing in mind.

Tesco Fruit Platter Dessert

I’ve been really impressed with the food we’ve been sent – we have a Tesco near work so this is definitely a range I’d buy when I know we’re pushed for time in the evening. If you’re a Tesco shopper then check them out – the stir fry selections are priced around £1-£1.50, whereas the Finest* fruit platter desserts (see above) are currently on offer with 50p off, taking them to around the £3.50 mark (but worth every penny – they’re delicious!) and in-store now.

We were sent a selection of fruit and vegetable dishes to try, all opinions are our own. Thanks to Shaun for cooking them  🙂