Introducing Three Pig Diaries by Emer Stamp

We’ve a new author and illustrator for us this week – and not one book but three – three Pig diaries by Emer Stamp, that is!

Emer Stamp is an author and illustrator, and has created the three diaries by Pig. We have been sent all three Pig books, as an introduction to Pig’s life, and indeed his diaries. The books are 2013’s The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig, 2014’s Pig – The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig and finally the brand new book, The Seriously Extra Ordinary Diary of Pig which is available from the 4th February 2016.

Pig Books Emer Stamp

So who is Pig? Pig is an ordinary pig on a farm. He lives with his best friend, Duck and in the first book, some Evil Chickens and he also keeps some diaries. Pig reckons he’s the farmer’s favourite as he gets fed all the best slops and received special back scratches that only a favourite would get. The Evil Chickens are making a special Tractor-Rocket in which to send Pig to Pluto, where there’s no food. Obviously Pig isn’t up for this. However, it then becomes apparent that the farmer is feeding Pig so well because he’s going to be eaten – after all, the farmer does call him Roast Pork… Duck tells him as much, so Pig realises that his only option is to take the Trocket and go to space… what will happen next?

Well, we know Pig has two more diaries so if we fast forward, Book two finds Pig at a Vegetarian Farm where he feels much safer! He has a new friend, Kitty who laughs at his jokes, so he loves her. Duck is still around too, and can see right through Kitty – a cunning, jealous, killing cat. Pig doesn’t believe Duck, and in fact only realises once he’s half way to the pie-making factory… will Pig make it back?

But of course he does – as Book three is almost set to be unleashed! Pig is now safely back on the farm, playing games with Duck and having plenty of fun. However, a game of hide and seek goes wrong, Pig tries to make it better and it gets even worse, as Cow gets kidnapped. Pig and Duck are the only ones who can save her! So that’s what they try to do.

The Seriously Extra Ordinary Diary of PigI like these Pig diaries – and it marks a different style of writing to that which H is used to. Lots of “I is Pig” and “I is doing this” type of language. We’ve read some of the books together, and H has read them mainly in her head. We talked about the way it is written, and in doing this somehow I’m reading Pig out loud in a West Country accent (it does work too).

The Emer Stamp books are funny – I’ve heard H laugh out loud on more than one occasion too (this may be due to mentions of poo and farting which she tells me happen a lot – and I’ve yet to meet a six year old who doesn’t find either funny). I like that the language is written from Pig’s perspective – you get a feel for the character and the silliness too. The books are funny and lovingly illustrated as well – and I love that they’re in a diary format, as H writes her own private one, so I’m hoping it will inspire her even more!

The Seriously Extra Ordinary Diary of Pig

H has asked Emer Stamp some questions, which should hopefully follow soon, she is getting into asking authors questions!

We were sent the three Emer Stamp Pig books for the purpose of review – all opinions are our own. You can buy all three books via Amazon, The Seriously Extraordinary Diary of Pig, The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig and The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig (all affiliate links) – with the newest book out this week! We’re taking part in a blog tour, so check out the other bloggers who are involved below :

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Thank you to Scholastic and Faye Rogers for organising this!