Testing a vTech Kidi SuperStar and Our Thoughts

Recently we went to the launch of the vTech Kidi Superstar. H got to have some singing fun with CeCe Sammy, the famous vocal coach.
Kidi Superstar

The vTech Kidi Superstar is a fun addition to musical toys in your house. It’s a microphone stand, with a console for added activities and effects. Also, you can plug in your iPod or CD player and sing along to your favourite pop songs.

When you’re seven and you think you know all about pop music, it’s one of the most fun toys you can have.

H and the Kidi Superstar

H is growing in confidence the older she gets. When she stood on stage for Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland Paris was a huge moment for me as a parent. She has never been a natural performer, preferring to hide in the background. She’s quite like me in that respect. I get the feeling she’s starting to grow in confidence – and I love that she’s doing this.

Kidi Superstar Console

The vTech Kidi Superstar has several modes in the main console. You can do some tongue twisters, or even just a spot of beatboxing. There are many different things you can try – and H is enjoying playing around. I love that it’s intuitive so she gets on with it without having to ask for help.

Kidi Superstar Warmup with CeCe Sammy

When she had her lesson with CeCe Sammy, it was all about enjoying music. Joining in without knowing the words. Having fun. Feel the music. Don’t feel conscious about it. Again, H got on with it with little or no fuss. It was a special moment to see her doing things and being less self-conscious about herself. Then again, when I was seven or eight I remember singing along with the pop songs on the radio. This is the best feature of the Kidi Superstar.

Plug in your iPod or CD player, and there’s a button you can press which lowers the sound of the vocals of the song. This means you can sing over the top. Which is genius! We’ve found the best results come from a CD, though both are good.

Kidi Superstar Portable with HThe console can be removed from the microphone stand too, and easily carried around. Handy if you want to do a spot of dancing at the same time as singing.

Since H had her lesson with CeCe Sammy, she doesn’t need to know the words – she can just sing along to the tune. Ohh and she is too – a lot. It is possible the only words she knows in their entirety are for Courtney Barnett’s album… as seen with her ‘Elevator Operator’ rendition. We’ve also been getting ‘Hello’ by Adele, ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake, ‘Lush Life’ by Zara Larsson and most of Madness’s backcatalogue.

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One of the fun parts of the Kidi SuperStar is changing the microphone sound. There are five preset modes, with one of them being ‘normal’. Then you’ve ‘higher’, ‘lower’, ‘robot’ and ‘echo’. We like echo… it works quite well with pop songs.

Kidi Superstar Close Up

In summary, would we have bought this for H? Before trying it I am not sure we would. Having played with it now I would definitely recommend. It’s a Kids Karaoke Machine and it is building her confidence. Every night after school she is on there singing a different pop song – and we’re having requests to invite friends over so they can have a go too. I think the vTech Kidi Superstar could be a popular toy this Christmas, and it’s loads of fun too!

H and CeCe Sammy

Here’s a video from CeCe Sammy with some top tips.