The Happy Badger Popped By

The Happy Badger is a very generous badger who donates money to charities you nominate.

The Happy Badger popped by Mum Friendy and donated to Cancer Research. My dad died of bowel cancer, my mum has had two forms of cancer as well as other complications and my nana died from leukaemia, Cancer is something which I’ve lived alongside for over twenty years.

Cancer is something our entire family has lived alongside.

I’ve done Race For Life several times (I had a year off this year but intend to do it again next year, possibly with H) and raised upwards of £750 each time – running or walking or jogging with friends, raising cash along the way for Cancer Research. See, I figure any money which helps towards a cure for cancer means at some point in the future H or her children will talk about it like it was an age-old disease, something people don’t get any more. Maybe there’ll never be a cure, but every penny helps towards research.

I’ve sat with two of my closest family members as they passed away – and I don’t want H to go through that, I want research to make a difference once we’re all a bit older. Every bit of money makes a difference, and that has to be a good thing.

So thank you Happy Badger, I really appreciate your donation. I nominate as that covers the many cancers we’ve come across.

I find writing about it all quite difficult even several years on, but I do recognise the need for awareness and making sure people know to check for the signs. My dad didn’t, and the doctors didn’t suspect a thing – in fact it was only when he was diagnosed all the symptoms made sense (bowel cancer with secondary cancer in the liver) and it surprised everyone.

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The Happy Badger /Appliances Online donated £50 to Cancer Research for this post – thank you.

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