The Land Of Sometimes

We were really lucky to receive a copy of ‘The Land Of Sometimes’ to review.

You can find the official website here – it’s worth clicking on the link in another window and having your computer speakers on – this CD package is more than just a regular album with simple disc and sleevenotes – it’s a book with a picture for every song; you do the work, the music sets the scene and tells a story. Even better, this isn’t your regular kids music. There’s a genre in there for everyone – from reggae to disco, New Orleans jazz plus more – it’s definitely the kind of album you’re not going to get sick of as it sounds too samey!

The Land Of Sometimes

The story follows Alfie and Elise, two children who enter the Land Of Sometimes, ‘where four seasons pass within one day, and everyone who lives there has a song’ – if you listen with the website, there’s activities and downloads (and lyrics!) you can get pictures of the characters to colour in (H’s constant favourite thing to do) – plus more information about each character – you feel so much more a part of it.

H’s favourites are the cats, called George and Holly (funny, that…!) – even though they don’t have a song to sing (though there is one about them) – so there’s been plenty of cat colouring in lately…

The best thing we’ve found about this is it’s opening H’s mind to there being more than just nursery rhymes out there – something we’re both keen to do (although we must get a CD player for the car…)

It’s a beautiful package, and something you can tell a lot of time has gone into – heck, there’s even a song featuring Ruby Turner! The CD says ‘Recommended ages 2-99’ – which I think pretty much covers us (and the grandparents!) – it’s something which has a universal appeal.

The Land Of Sometimes was created by Francesca Longrigg and her long term writer/producer Chicky Reeves – both have long standing careers in music, and have since had children which brought about the inspiration for this project – a massive three years in the making. The illustrations and visuals come from Howard McWilliam whose work you’re sure to have seen.

The Land of Sometimes came out on the 6th February 2012 – you can buy it now at Amazon for £8.99.

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