The Microwave Went Pop

It’s been one of those days. At work the things I needed to work weren’t doing what they were meant to, my train home was cancelled and to really finish the day off I went to warm up my soup in the microwave when there was an almighty pop and the lights downstairs went out. The fuse had blown. Grrr.

I hate it when that happens. RIP old microwave.

Fortunately we’ve a John Lewis at Home near us on the Purley Way in Croydon which offers a Click and Collect Service – so I can have a browse online at the choice of microwaves on offer. We definitely need a combi one with a grill included to make good baked potatoes (let’s face it – ones just in the microwave are pretty awful, they need a crisp outer) – then just order it to collect in-store.

Given I work four days a week, this kind of arrangement suits me nicely – you can also do pickups from a local Waitrose store which again is handy, and will stay open later (so once H is settled for the night I can nip out and get it) – plus it comes with John Lewis 1 year guarantee, and an option to buy a further three.

I’m particularly liking that if I need to return it I can just take it back to a store – so just up the road and very convenient – it suits my busy life perfectly.

sharp microwave

In the end I’ve opted for the¬†Sharp R662WM Microwave Oven and Grill in white – now to get that order placed…


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