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As well as being someone who is on the internet too much, I also used to have a social life. An average year would have a gig every month, though that has slowed a lot as time goes on. These days I average one gig a year and I should consider myself lucky!

Anyway, as they’re in the news at the moment (they played Coachella) I thought I’d add an old picture of The Breeders from 2017. I’m fairly certain this was at the Electric Ballroom in Camden taken on the 18th October. There are no Linda Linda’s doing backing vocals, I’m afraid.

The Breeders, Electric Ballroom Camden, Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, Jim MacPherson, 4AD

I don’t remember a huge amount about the gig other than lots of people from work were there, I always had a beer in my hand and I got some blurry photos. Probably the sign of a good night!

I’ve seen The Breeders so many times that I’ve lost count – especially around the Title TK album when they played in London a LOT.

It kind of scares me to think that in five years my child could be doing this. Although at the same time she’ll probably be going to see different musicals, and hopefully dragging her old mum along….

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