Tickety Toc on Nick Jr.

Tickety Toc is a new programme on Nick Jr.

Tickety Toc logoTickety Toc, ahhhh how I like you. H is at the age where she’ll identify numbers when she sees them and is hugely excited every time – so we decided to teach her how to tell the time in a very basic way. We bought some books, we have clocks, and now we have the addition of Tickety Toc on Nick Jr!

Tickety Toc started showing on Nick Jr on April 23rd 2012 – two short episodes at 8.15am – so we would miss it most days due to me being at work. The wonders of modern technology (i.e. a V+ box) and having a preview DVD of the first two episodes, meant we could try them out – and so far they’re quite popular – Nick Jr really is a favourite in our house when we have any television on.

Firstly, it’s a British made programme! So this means I wont moan about it being dubbed (which of course H doesn’t care about either way, and that’s what counts right now).

Secondly, each episode is just eleven minutes long – just the right length to keep H’s attention, which is always a good thing.

Finally, it’s a programme you can watch and learn with – delivering lessons about teamwork, problem solving, compromise and interactivity – as well as the added element of the characters who live on the other side of the Tickety Toc Clock (which I’m assuming there’ll be some kind of merchandise in the future because they’d be daft not to, especially if it helped pre-schoolers learn to tell the time at the same time) and their crazy adventures.

Tommy Tickety TocTallulah Tickety Toc

The two main characters are twins Tommy and Tallulah, and each adventure challenges them to save the day, return life to normal and help keep the clock ticking.

Tickety Toc Nick Jr site

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