Too Easy Cheese and Vegetable Lunchtime Wraps

Wednesday is my day off work in the week, my day with H. Pre-WeightWatchers we’d have pitta bread with falafel and tzaziki plus some vegetables to dip into the tzaziki, which I thought was fairly healthy. THEN I did WeightWatchers and found that meal came in around 15 points (over half of my daily allowance). We like a sandwich and will often do cheese toasties, but after swimming we’re usually quite tired and need some good energy food. This seemed to work, and was part-inspired by Sally’s comment on the quesadilla post.

So, chop your veg – we went for a red pepper, a courgette and two carrots. I chopped up the pepper then grated the courgette and carrots. After that I added some ginger Gourmet Garden to add some extra flavour, let it lightly warm in my pan (with one oil squirt) until it felt warm, but not too warm. It looked something like this :

Pepper, Carrot and Courgette

So then it was just a case of lying the wrap down, keep it unbuttered (as the veg is quite moist anyway), and putting a good mixture of the veg on top.


Then just wrap them up and leave for a couple of minutes to let the vegetables melt with the cheese. Voila, one cheesy vegetable wrap – and low saturated fat too (if you use WeightWatchers cheese – I can’t compare to other brands, so check beforehand).

Points-wise, I calculated them to be 7 points total for the Vegetable wraps, as long as you use Weight Watchers wraps – each wrap comes in at 3 points, but if you have two it lowers to five. I used WeightWatchers Mature Cheddar slices (1 point each) and all the vegetables were free. The oil was such a small amount it doesn’t register on my tracker. That’s more food than I’d eat at work for lunch and I felt good and full afterwards!

Even better, H loved them – she wanted more and wasn’t fussy about any of the vegetables. We’ll be doing these again… I guess the next challenge is doing some for my lunch at work…!


Disclaimer – this isn’t sponsored by Weight Watchers – I need to lower my cholesterol and lose weight,
so am sharing recipes I’ve found work and are quick.
I am a Weight Watchers Blogger Ambassador, but this hasn’t affected my opinion.

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  1. They look absolutely delicious and healthy. I will definitely be giving these a try. I had not considered the WW cheese but will pick some up in the next shop.x


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