Topsy and Tim Are Coming to Cbeebies!

When I was a little girl I was a huge Topsy & Tim fan, massive. I remember my 1970’s books – and I was pretty delighted to find one a few years ago at a car boot sale. Fast forward over thirty years, the books are still in print and now H is also a huge fan, so imagine my surprise when I spotted there has been a tv series made! Topsy and Tim are coming to Cbeebies!

Topsy & Tim on Cbeebies

Series 1 of Topsy and Tim will start on Monday 11th November at 5.30pm on CBeebies and is on every weekday afternoon!

Right now I can’t find any start dates other than November, but right now I know one little girl who will be beyond excited when I tell her what I’ve found out. There is one other thing you need to know – June Whitfield will have a role!! This may make me a little more excited than I should be, but really, June Whitfield! Topsy and Tim are coming to Cbeebies!!

Considering the books were first published in 1959, and the editions I’ve since bought, there hasn’t been a huge amount of updating to the books really – a few bits here and there but nothing too drastic. The books are over fifty years old – and in fact are still going strong. ‘Topsy and Tim Meet Father Christmas’ was published this week and it’s on the list to buy before Christmas.

What more is there to be said about this? We’re beyond excited this is happening, with real people rather than cartoon-y, and hopefully on tv at a good time after school as well! Topsy and Tim have covered so many scenarios that we’ve faced with H they’ve become a good way to help explain things (though as Alex pointed out earlier, there isn’t a book about death).

On the BBC website they say “While the stories of Topsy And Tim are told and shot from the perspective of the five year old characters as they capture everyday childhood experiences. I hope audiences will enjoy and identify with both dramas.” (there’s also a piece on Katie Morag)

So yes, SOON! Did I mention Topsy and Tim are coming to Cbeebies?

BBC Article here

Oh, and don’t get me started on The Clangers too – how excellent is all this?


  1. At Ladybird we are thrilled to hear you are as excited as us about Topsy and Tim coming to the small screen this Autumn! You won’t be disappointed!

    Publisher Ladybird


    1. I can’t wait! We’re ready for next Monday – oh I hope they do the books justice, I’m sure they will!!

      H is also very excited 😉


  2. My son is 19 months old he loves topsy and Tim please make more. We have to record them
    So he can watch them bout 15 times a day lol. Topsy topsy


    1. I think there’s more due soon – they’ve recorded all the episodes together, and have finished now – over 60 episodes worth, hopefully back soon!!


  3. Can anyone tell me if you can buy topsy and tim new series on dvd my son is really upsetting when he can’t watch it in bed


    1. I suspect you’ll be able to once all of the Series 1 episodes have aired – I’m pretty sure there’ll only be two series broken into two segments (we’re on the second segment of the first series at the moment) – I’ll try and find out!


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