Walkers Hoops and Crosses – a review

Today we had a trip to Nymans – it’s only 45 minutes from our house so one of the places I’d class as local to us – plus it was a gloriously sunny day (though I had my doubts when I saw black clouds and no blue sky until we arrived in the Gatwick area) – and it proved to be popular with us waiting to park for at least fifteen minutes!

Flying a kite with no wind at Nymans

Armed with a picnic we headed out to the largest grassy area to find space to play and more importantly, eat. It was hot so you don’t want things which are heavy on the stomach, you want light things such as tasty pittas stuffed with salad and for crisps we tried a pack of¬†Walkers new Hoops and Crosses which I’ve been sent to review.

Actually, we were sent just the one packet, along with a toy monkey called Monty who H has formally adopted and allowed to enter the hallowed turf of her toy collection which is always a good sign!  Yesterday we were buying picnic supplies so bought a multipack in salt and vinegar flavour so we could all try.

Walkers Hoops and Crosses

I’m reminded of crisps I’ve tasted of H when she was little – you know those corn rings that Organix do? Sort of crumbly? Now imagine those for older people – you know, when you don’t want to look silly eating kids crisps – and let’s face it, since I’ve done WeightWatchers I’ve found there’s plenty of crisps out there which are lower calories – and this one qualifies coming in at two points. There’s 30% less fat in them (compared to everyday crisps), they’re made from 56% wholegrain and have no artificial colours or preservatives.

My main criticisms are the flavours on offer – I’d love a cheesy one (the ones on offer are prawn cocktail, roast beef and salt & vinegar) plus actually knowing if they’re vegetarian or not, I couldn’t tell (edited to add – it has since been confirmed they are suitable for vegetarians), Walkers didn’t put it on either variety we tried and checking the ingredients nothing jumped out so it looks like they are (there was plenty of dietary information telling you what it does contain which is good), but it would be nice to know for sure. The flavours we tried were nice – just not necessarily ones I’d buy for my lunch.

Walkers Hoops and Crosses sharing

Having a healthy range of snacks and them being Walkers ones is going to help with supermarket and meal deal choices as well – so many times there’s only one healthy option available, so with this being a big brand hopefully they’ll be everywhere…

Would we buy again? We already have… they’re handy to keep in the cupboard, and hopefully more flavours will come soon.

We were sent a pack of crisps for the purpose of this sponsored review, all opinions are that of us and H.

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