Warburtons Krazy Kitchen – The End Is Near

Warburtons Krazy Kitchen is coming to an end – after three weeks of competing between two families – the McDermott’s and the Griffiths, the final instalment of their gameshow goes live today!

Warburtons Krazy Kitchen has been a gameshow, a sandwich-off between two families, and it comes to an end this week. We’ve had mum vs mum, dad vs dad and child vs child so far with the final part today, Friday.

Warburtons Krazy Kitchen

Yes, that is my child with a mask on and her glasses on top.

To help celebrate, Warburtons sent us a hamper of food to help create some of the recipes they’ve featured. I’m vegetarian so have adapted the Tuna Trawlermen sandwich (using Warburtons white sandwich pitta breads) and the Chicken Supreme (using Warburtons Sandwich Thins) – Shaun and H had the tuna and chicken as they eat animal products.

With it being H’s fourth birthday today and all the party preparation that comes with it, a quick filling sandwich is ideal for us – there’s so much to get ready – there’s no need for any craziness in our kitchen, it’s pretty manic at the moment anyway!

Warburtons Krazy Kitchen Tuna

The Tuna Trawlermen sandwich was quick to make, however we found the pittas difficult to hold together – not the end of the world but I do like a pitta to hold its contents! We put low-fat spread in each half, added cheese and salad and added tuna and sweetcorn (or quorn in my case) and a bit of red onion. I liked that the pittas are broken into two and come in a circular shape

The Chicken supreme was a much more straightforward sandwich, really nice and soft and it was the right size to hold the contents in – hand-sized. For this one I spread some low-fat spread onto the bread, added some cucumber and red onion and some salad. After that I added a little bit of mayonnaise and added the quorn. Shaun and H had chicken. The bread is quite soft and moist which meant we didn’t need to use much so it didn’t feel dry which was good.

Warburtons Krazy Kitchen Quorn

H liked that she could make her own sandwiches with whatever she wanted! So we had a bit of a Warburtons Krazy Kitchen going on in our house!

We generally make our own bread, but I feel like we’d definitely buy the sandwich thins, they were interesting and filling and quick to prepare. I also likes the packages were resealable which is handy when you don’t use them all at the same time.

You can see the final instalment of the Warburtons Krazy Kitchen here today (as well as all the previous ones) – who will win?

The first three episodes can be watched here.

We received payment and a hamper to feature this video. All opinions are our own and honest.

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