A Waterproof Weekend

So last week I bought H an all in one waterproof in Debenhams which was documented over at the other place. I think I can safely say it was to benefit me as well as H – she hates getting muddy and I hate having to deal with it. It’s a win-win situation for us – a simple all in one which goes over her warm clothes and coat, and comes off easily too.

best monster face

We didn’t get a chance to try it on Saturday. We put off going to the coast on New Years Day as is our tradition, and instead went to Brighton when it was gloriously sunny and eight degrees. Walking around there was a cold air which hit us from time to time, but the sun tamed it so we didn’t freeze. Fortunately Brighton also has a Lego shop which we had to pay a visit.


A brisk walk along the seafront and H got to have a scoot about, before we headed to Brighton Pier for some lunch (Fish and chips of course, although vegetarian options weren’t great for me), tricked H into thinking she wasn’t tall enough for the rides (she was fine but we didn’t have any money with us), before scooting back along the seafront, watching the sunset and driving back to London, making it home before 7.

brighton sunset

Today was a bit colder, windier, rainier so the waterproof made its debut. As well as this, I’d picked up some wellies in the Disney Store featuring Sulley from Monsters Inc (for a bargain – £6!) which go perfectly with the waterproof. This was from the boys section of course as apparently girls only like princesses and babies in the Disney Store… ahem. We decided to go for a walk in Banstead Woods.


Banstead Woods is local place where people tend to walk their dogs. It’s where there’s a weekly parkrun. It’s also a great place to wander around the woods when you need fresh air and don’t want to travel too far. Hills, tracks, wood, trees, the sound of guns firing off in the distance as someone has some random shoot in the country (hm), bluebells from May! But fresh air, a new waterproof suit and new wellies meant that H had a new freedom – she didn’t want to hold our hands all the time in case she fell over and wanted to tell us where to go through the woods (using her National Trust compass of course).

banstead woods sign

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get her a waterproof, but this new level of freedom has entered our lives – she’s not worried about falling in the mud (we’ve still got waterproof gloves and a hat that fits to buy), and I’m not worried about dirty clothes being ruined. Silly things that shouldn’t matter that don’t any more. How weird a piece of clothing can do that?

banstead woods hut

It was a good weekend – one of those ones where we didn’t spend much money at all, which is a good thing, and still had a great time.

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