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It’s the second Martha and the Bunny Brothers book from Clara Vulliamy – and since the first one came out last year we’ve built up quite a collection of her books – and H loves them all. I’ve noticed some recurring themes – school, bedtime, sleep, counting (lots of counting), sticky buns (mm) and most of all beautiful illustrations and fun stories to read.

Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart BedtimeThis book is no different – and fans of Clara’s work will love this. Martha and her bunny brothers Pip and Monty are pretty excited as mum is going out, so they’re having a babysitter (and Martha would like some special time with the babysitter as she’s older) – but of course there’s plenty to be done beforehand, getting things in order too.

What I’ve found H likes the most with Clara’s books, are the extra bits of text – you can tell the story if you want to go quickly, but woe betide anyone who misses the little details – the little handwritten additions – it’s like a beautiful scrapbook with handwritten notes alongside it – and our favourite bit is as they go up and down the stairs getting things ready – it’s a really lovely visual book with lots to talk about on each picture.

Martha and the Bunny Brothers - I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy

As an experiment (as H can’t read) I let her look at the pictures and tell me what she could see – and already she remembers a lot of names and things on there – I know children have good memories at this age, but credit to the author too!

I Heart Bedtime also has a new addition – a song! The Bedtime Bunnies song – you need to head over to Clara’s website to listen to it – there’s an instrumental version (from Clara) and one sung by her daughter, Martha.

Martha and the Bunny Brothers – I Heart Bedtime is published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, and is available now.

We were sent a copy for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own

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