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I love this book; we’re heading into the territory where H and her friends have funny, silly arguments which mean the world to them and trouble their little heads for days afterwards. Recently she had an argument with her best friend (over a Ninky Nonk) and he declared she would Never Ever be his Best Friend Ever Again. She was heartbroken for days, until he told me that of course H was his best friend (which I relayed back to her and it cheered her up again). So yes, this book covers this sort of event.

Jack's Amazing Shadow by Tom Percival

Jack and his amazing magical shadow are the best of friends, but he starts to get annoyed at his shadow when it misbehaves and they fall out. Jack tries to escape his shadow but the two just cannot be parted until Jack shouts at him and his shadow fades away.

At first Jack is happy, but then realises just how much he misses it, more than he ever thought he would – and the story I’m pleased to say has a happy ending. Targeted at 3-6 year olds, we found it funny – it’s a good book for reading and talking about everything else that’s happening on each page – and there’s plenty going on. It’s also a fabulous book about friendship.

jack's amazing shadow by tom percival

I’d highly recommend – a lovely book – and there’s one other utterly brilliant bit – the inside covers have all the various silhouettes you can make with your hands – how good is that?

Jack's Amazing Shadow by Tom Percival


Jack’s Amazing Shadow by Tom Percival is released on the 18th April 2013, and is published by Pavilion Children’s Books, with a RRP of £5.99.

Tom Percival has an excellent website here

We received a copy of this book for the purpose of review – all opinions are our own.

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