Weight Watchers – a Big Catch Up!

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Firstly, as I can’t remember if I updated, I am now my ideal weight. I’ve not hit my target yet, but we’ve had a couple of weeks of feeling unwell here, so I switched myself to maintenance mode to get my head around having more points (which promptly led me to have some left from my 27 some nights, you can’t win!) – but has meant for the last two weeks I’ve stayed the same which is nice.

I’ve got my routine in place and I’m bringing in different things to add a bit of variety, while keeping them healthy and low in calories – I’ve recently discovered some Special K bites, which my Sainsburys Local has for sale, so I’ve been eating those as they’re pretty delicious. They’re 90-something calories too, so still two points.

I’m getting loads of comments as well – when people compliment you and you don’t feel like they’re glazing over when you chat about it, it’s really nice! A definite confidence booster.

Things don’t stop here though, I’ll be switching back to weightloss mode from Saturday to get those last few lbs lost.

Our first thing to talk about is ‘me time‘. This is an alien concept to me these days – me time used to be that time from H going to sleep and me being on my own until Shaun finished studying – now he’s downstairs and we’re spending time together again (apart from tonight when he goes out for a run) it’s nice, but weird! I can’t even think of the last time I’ve done something FOR me in my time, or made time for it. However, this weightloss has been for me, and two of my friends have signed up and are joining in with it, which is great – so we’ll all compare what we’re doing and think of ways to do things and so on – it’s definitely made things fun.

One thing I could have done (rather than switch to maintenance mode) was a few ‘healthy and filling days‘ – they’re worth looking at if you’re still working on your weightloss, there’s recipes to try and more.

My final thing is Workplace Weight Loss – and as previously mentioned I’m terrible at leaving my desk – though now the days are getting warmer I’m making myself leave my desk and walk down the hill and back (which can be worth two propoints on a good day). However, my way around this is to pick low calorie foods and plenty of fruit. I’ve made it work for me, and haven’t been up the road to the corner shop for crisps or chocolate for well over six months now – and that’s a major result coming from me who would have a finger of fudge in her top drawer and a pack of crisps sealed up in the middle drawer.

So the journey continues, and I’ll be a little more up to date with these updates, I promise!

I have been provided with six months of Weight Watchers membership, all opinions are my own. 

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