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I’ve fallen behind a bit on updating, we’ve had a sickly child and not much sleep, but let’s cut to the good news – I am now no longer overweight! I’ve finally after I-have-no-idea-how-long (possibly since being a teenager) hit the point of being a normal healthy weight again. Given my health issues I’m giving myself a HUGE pat on the back, as this helps considerably lower my chances of getting diabetes again, as well as issues with cholesterol. BUT. The journey doesn’t stop here – this is an entire lifestyle change, I’m not about to relax and think I know what I’m doing, as I don’t. I’ve still got 6lb left to lose as I want to be comfortably in the ‘healthy weight’ zone. To help me celebrate this, WW have given me one less propoint, sob! So now I’m down to 27 a day.

To celebrate I’ve spent a bit of money at H&M and Uniqlo getting some clothes that fit me – including for the first time in years, ladies jeans! It’s all really good and quite weird. I still feel quite self-conscious, but I also have more confidence overall, and I’m hiding a little bit less.

So, we’ve some occasions coming up in the next week. I’d firstly like to say we don’t celebrate Valentines Day as I find it a terrible waste of money and a silly pressure to come up with something on a day which means nothing to me – I’d rather celebrate a birthday or anniversary (like my brother-in-law’s). BUT! Pancake day is coming, and I do like to celebrate that. I’ve found a WeightWatchers recipe (which looks the same as a regular pancake recipe, though less fat)  and each pancake comes in at 1 point. Tuesday is also the day I do pilates, so I’ll earn a few activity points in the process, so may well treat myself to a chocolate filling.

I guess that’s what I’ve worked out since last September with Weight Watchers – you CAN eat your regular foods (unless you eat a Domino’s Pizza every day, of course), you just do it all in appropriate portion sizes. If you want to eat more, or foods with higher points, increase your activity. If you have a few days like we have where you’re stuck at home and not doing a lot activity-wise then keep to low point foods (we’ve had soups and stews). I was chatting with someone who did Weight Watchers before the Pro Points came in, who talked about having ‘Sin’ foods – and that (to me) is a bad way of putting it – yes, there are foods that aren’t great to eat, but with the Pro Points system you choose and if you happen to want to work things in, then there is a way. (Not every day, mind) Saying food is a ‘sin’ would probably make me want to eat it more.

So, this weeks challenge is about keeping track when you’re out and about. I’ve found that dining in restaurants that have free Wifi is my best option (I don’t have an iPhone, just an iPad and iPod) and I can work out what to eat that way – but not everywhere has that. I’m a creature of habit so tend to eat at Pizza Express, though I’m finding more restaurants are listing how many calories a dish has – so I then attempt to calculate it and ask Shaun (he’s the numbers man) – just divide your calories by 40 and there’s your Pro Points. You know what though? If I go slightly over my daily allowance I don’t stress about it – I just get off the bus to work a stop earlier and make sure I walk at lunchtime and it balances out (I’ve set up my points preferences to take my activity points first and use the 49 points everyone gets every week as a last resort – last week I used two of them).

The previous week’s challenge was about moving around more. I am the world’s worst at this. I start work at 8.30 and can quite often get to 12.30 and realise I’ve not moved for four hours. I do try to walk as much as possible when I can, and the new year has brought me meetings out of the office so I’ve done a bit of extra walking which has helped. I have no advice to make this better – don’t be like me! Or if you are, go for long walks at the weekend!!

I’ve been provided with six months of Weight Watchers Membership as a Blogger Ambassador, my opinions are just that, and are honest.


  1. Well done on reaching that milestone… and for treating yourself to new clothes 🙂

    Will give the pancakes a go, thank’s for the link!x


  2. Hi, I just saw some of your soup recipes and they look so good! I’ve got the same soup maker so I’m feeling inspired. I’ve linked to your blog from my WW meeting’s Facebook group so hopefully you’ll be inspiring others too 🙂
    Congrats on reaching a healthy weight. I’ve been a gold member for six months so I’m right there with you – WW really does work.


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