We’ve been quiet, I’m sorry

We went on our first family holiday – I didn’t mention it (as there’s no reason to!), but that’s why things are quieter at the moment. However, we went to loads of places and I’ve loads of things to post about when I get a chance.

Our biggest surprise was on the journey home – National Trust members can go free to Stonehenge – which is a good thing as we’re in our third year of membership – although H wasn’t overly impressed with it and just wanted ice cream. Never mind… at least we wont be out of pocket!

One shop which has made a lasting impression is Alice’s Bear Shop in Lyme Regis – the owner Rikey Austin says they’re set to feature on a Channel 4 programme very soon. Their bears are cool, and even cooler than that, at the back of the shop is a Teddy Bears Hospital – I’ve not seen one of those for years! Please check them out – Rikey has written and illustrated some really lovely books (which we’ll go into later) which we bought in the shop – it had a real charm! (and I can’t wait for the programme – the lady in the shop claimed it’d be like The Osbournes…. !)

I stupidly didn’t take any photos.

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