3M’s Damage-Free Hanging

We rent, and already I look in pain at the door which has a load of blu-tack stains on it – we like putting pictures on our walls, and I hate banging nails in (though they’re more acceptable than blu-tack stains, I’m sure).

So there’s this ad on tv. I keep seeing it, and after H made a lovely picture on a canvas of her hand and foot prints, and had decided where it was going to live on the walls, I knew I had to do something about it so bought some, which arrived a few days later.

These hangers don’t come cheap – but oh, they work.

pictureframe and stickers

It’s essentially two pieces of sticky velcro which stick together, which you can move if you’re like me and do everything by eye rather than measure it (it drives Shaun mad), but most importantly of all, there’s no left over sticky residue (I checked after a few days to make sure). That and once your picture is fixed/velcroed to the wall, it’s pretty secure. I’ve not tried it with anything heavy yet, but so far I’m impressed – I just wish they were a bit cheaper as I’ve a LOT of photos need putting onto the walls…!

stickers on frame

In my pack I received 4 sets of small strips (enough for the canvas) and 8 sets of medium strips (enough for two heavier pictures or one very heavy one – I’m too scared to try it out though!) – I feel like when I get around to ordering a canvas or two, these are the perfect solution – plus your picture stays close to the wall.

It’s definitely an option worth looking into if you too are living in blu-tack stain-hell!

frame on wall

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