My Morphy Richards Soup Maker Six Months On

My most popular post on here is easily my gushing about my soup maker. It was bought last October/November time and has been used a minimum of two times a week since. We love our soup! Especially when it’s so easy.

Morphy Richards Soup MakerThere’s been a few things that I thought were worth mentioning as a follow-up.

I’ve had times when the blade of the soup maker hasn’t gone down all the way – and at the first whizz about fifteen minutes in, it’ll make the lid of the soup maker open, breaking the cycle. My solution? Before you start the cycle give your veg a quick blend on that setting for about five seconds, while holding the lid firmly – then if anything is likely to block it, it’ll be a bit mashed up. So far every time I’ve done that it hasn’t popped open.

The soup is hot. Very hot – though I’ve found pouring H’s portion when it has finished, then ours at the time we’ll eat means it’s just right. I’ve also come to my portion an hour and a half later and it has still been warm (as long as the lid is kept on!).

One of the stands on the bottom came off – I’m not sure how, and they’re not the easiest to get back in! With one missing it hasn’t made things noisier, though I’m keeping a close eye – it looks like the kind of thing that would go back in with the help of a narrow screwdriver.

Mum Friendly Gourmet Garden Challenge Soup

I’ve not been very adventurous with recipes recently – we’re tired and it’s always a random concoction of vegetables. I need some inspiration! Having just passed the Cinco de Mayo maybe we should have had a mexican twist to our soup tonight (butternut squash, carrot and broccoli) – so I’m going to have a think – I’m thinking tomato, coriander, chili and some lime… mmm!

So, six months in was it worth the money? Definitely. It is used as much as our breadmaker (a minimum of two times a week) and makes meals after work so much easier as we always cook from fresh. I love the extra time I have with H, and the soup is almost always tasty (I had one disaster when I added an orange).

In summary, it still gets the thumbs up here – though I’ll be working on a gazpacho recipe – which will need to be prepared the night before I guess, to get it properly chilled!

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