A Cheaper London – an Easter Edition

We had a busy Easter Sunday, and in keeping with my nature of trying not to spend money, we found several things to do….

Easter Island Moai at the British Museum

We started out by heading up to the British Museum – which I found a little bit claustrophobic (disclaimer – I’ve been getting weird dizzy spells, and the light and dark didn’t help, so I felt a bit wobbly), until we headed out into the main area with the roof by Norman Foster – a marvellous sight too and a good place to clear your head. We found the mummy of a Cleopatra (not THE Cleopatra) although I couldn’t help finding it a bit odd… you die and end up in a museum? I know it’s ridiculously old and all that.. but.. I found it odd. We saw the Rosetta Stone too which was interesting, though a bit like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre – you can’t get that close thanks to the crowds!

British Museum

Fortunately the museum is free so we can go back – their canteen was good, and had a deal giving you a free children’s meal if you bought hot food. We wanted sandwiches so didn’t take it up, but keep an eye out as you get there.

Covent Garden Easter Egg trail

We headed down to Covent Garden where they had various easter eggs dotted around, as well as a man dressed as the Fat Controller by the Thomas one, and a large Moshi Monsters bus (which was closed, phew!). We intended to go to the London Transport Museum, but it’s pricey (edited to add – Sharon pointed out you can get 2 for 1 vouchers – check here – we’ll definitely do that in the future!)- it stays open later on a Sunday but even then it was £15 each for two hours (as that’s the time that was left) – though just going into the shop to browse was good enough for the two little ones. We popped upstairs for a coffee to be greeted with this….

EDITED TO ADD – the £15 is an annual price, so actually it’s a fantastic deal – you can go back several times over the course of a year which makes the London Transport Museum fantastic value – thanks for clarifying LTM! (see comments below)


Being in Covent Garden meant I’d have to pop in the Moomin Shop – be prepared to walk upstairs, as it’s unavoidable (so not buggy-friendly), but there are tons of Moomins things to buy, we picked up two books for just over £10.

A walk over the Thames always brings good views, and you can have fun spotting things as well as newer additions to the skyline. On the South Bank is the Royal Festival Hall – and views in the warm.


I popped into Foyle’s by the river, so caught up with everyone else inside the hall – my sister told me they were on the sixth floor, so on arriving at the RFH found the lifts by the entrance don’t go up that far. I walked further down to the next lift, and stepped into the Singing Lift which is possibly the best thing EVER. It goes higher for the top floors with a “Level siiixxxx” for that, and lower for the bottom with a “Level onnnnnnne” and big smiles from everyone who gets in.

Yes, we may have gone from Level 5 to Level 1, back up to Level 6 and finally Level 2… stopping at most floors. H and G both found it hilarious!

Covent Garden Easter Egg trail

After that we headed home, overall spends were just for food, transport goodies (I got a great 1970-2013 coaster and a kids map of London) and Moomin’s books – so not a bank breaking day at all. We just missed the food market outside the Festival Hall, but I bet it’d be good for bargains…

Oh, and we did plenty of walking – H fell asleep on the tube home and slept well that night – phew!

The Fat Controller at the Covent Garden Easter Trail


  1. Great post, I work round the corner from the BM and I always mean to pop in on lunch hour! I loved the Moomin shop too at Christmas time, could have bought loads! Love the idea of the singing lift! Think you can get 2 for 1 on transport museum with voucher from the train station but don’t quote me 🙂


    1. aaahhh you star! We’ll definitely go now there’s the two for 1 deal, it didn’t occur to me – I’ve edited it with a credit for you too.

      Oh god, I bet the Moomin shop was ace!!


  2. Hi Jo,

    So glad to hear you loved the roundel cappuccinos in the cafe!

    Just wanted to let you know that the £15 entry to the Museum is an annual pass which allows you to come back as many times as you like for a year. Also kids under 16 go free.

    The Museum is open Monday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:15) and on Friday’s 11:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:15).

    If you would like any more information on the Museum or the great family activities we hold here, please let me know.

    Hope you can stop by again soon for a visit.


    1. Ohh that is great to know – I had no idea it was for a year, that is brilliant! If I’d realised we’d have gone in too. Thank you! I’ll edit it here to make it clearer too.

      We had about an hour before the last entry the day we were there – and had plans to go tomorrow too, but have put them off, but will be back soon as we do love London Transport (and spend FAR too much in the shop!)

      Thank you!


      1. You’re quite welcome, glad to give you and your readers any additional reasons to come check out the Museum and the shop! We would love to have you pop back in any time so please give me an email when you are planning your next visit. Thanks again for visiting and will hopefully see you again soon.


        1. Thank you! H loves trains and we’ve been dying to come to the museum for a while now, so we’ll definitely make a plan soon – and will let you know! See you soon!


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