Easter at Polesden Lacey

Polesden Lacey Easter Egg Explorers

We love our National Trust membership – I’ll say this a bazillion times as we get so much from it, especially having Polesden Lacey so close (which often makes the Top 10 overall of NT properties and gardens). Last year we went to Claremont for their Easter Egg hunt, but this year we switched.

Polesden photo area

The National Trust work with Cadburys and do simple trails that two three year olds (and a five year old) get excited about – it’s perfect! They get a sheet with various activities (though it was really too cold), a place to have your photo taken and then the actual trail. It probably took no more than an hour (allowing for a stop in the play area which is conveniently after the second or third clue), and had our three (H, her cousin G and her friend M) running around tracking down each clue.

Polesden Lacey Explorers

My favourite part of Polesden is the tree tunnel (which I’m sure they have a better name for, but we like ours) which had several clues, and leads out to the large grassy area at the front, where the kids had several games of hide and seek, or just rolling down the hill, climbing trees, or sitting on a lion; a stone one that is.

Polesden Lacey tree tunnel

Actually, there was only one gripe – it was a freezing day, and included in the price was face painting. The queue was long and wasn’t moving – so in the end we had to give up, which made the girls sad. On the plus side there’s the free binoculars as you come through the entrance so they could do proper exploring while looking for the clues, so that was fun for them.

Polesden Lacey climbing trees

The Cadburys/National Trust Easter Egg trails have just one more day – today is the last day (Easter Monday) – and there’s loads of trails around the country. Of course, when you finish you get to choose a Cadbury’s Easter Egg at the end, which pleased the three of them a LOT! An excellent day, and it’s all fresh air!

Polesden Lacey Easter Egg trail 2013

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