AudioGo Audiobooks – a Review


We’ve held off from reviewing this, mainly as we weren’t sure how H would respond to hearing a story on the stereo – she looked confused the first time “mummy, the tv is switched off?” (oh dear..) – but since we bought the iPad Mini we’ve found that actually putting music onto my iPod Touch is a good thing (and really what it is meant for) – so the audiobooks have made a great addition for long car journeys.

We were approached by AudioGo to see if we’d like to choose some titles to review, so off I went to their site where immediately an absolute corker jumped out – vintage Magic Roundabout! Now, being a child of the seventies, H needs to know about the proper Magic Roundabout – while I’ll happily let her watch the modern one (Flo? Seriously…?!) I do want her to sample parts of my childhood – we’ve already done Bagpuss and Mr Benn and a bit of Rainbow too.

Vintage Magic Roundabout from AudioGo

So a vintage Eric Thompson Magic Roundabout album? Oh YES. I chose some Pingu titles too which we’re working our way through.

So – how was it? Well, H fell asleep. I think it’s a different kind of listening – however, Shaun and I LOVED it! We had a proper laugh while driving along – they don’t make programmes like that any more…! I wish they did. I know these audio titles are something we’ll listen to for a long time as well – it isn’t something she’ll grow out of – and I know at her nursery they’re spending more time listening to audiobooks, so we’re picking it up at the right time.

Check out AudioGo – there’s a fantastic selection of titles, and they’re the home of BBC Audiobooks.

We were given an opportunity to review whatever titles we wanted, and I know we chose wisely – I’d highly recommend.

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