A Cheaper London – Diana Memorial Playground

We had a fairly frugal day this time, what with payday looming at the end of the week. A quick trip to the Natural History Museum, then a wander through Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens, where the Diana Memorial Playground lives.

We had to queue as it was busy and they don’t want it too overcrowded – but got in quickly. The actual playground? It’s fantastic. A massive wooden pirate ship lives in the middle with various rides and places – all designed for little ones (there’s even an under 3’s area which H quite enjoyed amongst some obviously over 3 children) and going up to the age of twelve.

Diana Memorial Playground

There’s swings, slides, teepee’s and pretty much anything you can think of. Near the pirate ship are a few fountains where your kids can roll up their jeans, take their socks off and splash around in water and do some water play safely.

There’s signs around the playground – which point out that while the playground does follow all EU safety regulations, that it’s recognised children need an element of risk to learn and progress – and that children should be supervised at all times (which is sensible enough information!) – but as one review I read said, if you lose your child, just head to the pirate ship in the middle – they’ll more than likely be in there.

I really liked how it was fenced off from the rest of the park – so you can’t just get in or exit – making it a safe envoironment and also how there were areas for everyone – you don’t have to be the best climber to enjoy your time there.

The Diana Memorial Playground is free of charge to get in – and is approximately five minutes walk from Queensway or Bayswater tube stations. For more information please visit the Royal Parks website.

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