Loving Argos….

ArgosCrazy, I know. Many a lunch hour I’d dread going to Argos – I’d reserve what I needed to get, and get in there after I’d done everything else in the hope I’d be out of there within twenty minutes (as just going in and ordering was even worse). A visit to Argos was PAIN.

Well, today I graced our local one in Wandsworth with my presence and was in and out within three minutes – it looks like they’ve had a swishy computer upgrade – I processed my reservation and spotted a new computer system up there – there was a regular sized queue at the tills, but not many people waiting to collect.

My receipt said it’d take three minutes, and indeed it did. Gobsmacked doesn’t cover it… I was out of there in less than five minutes.

Something somewhere has gone right – I don’t know if all Argos stores have had this upgrade, but all I do know is that it was really quite nice to shop there – no more waiting forever, just a nice quick shopping experience.

So Argos, whatever you’ve done, thank you. I’ll be back and I’ll have less of that fear of a long wait!

EDIT – yesterday I even joined the queue to purchase something – I was in and out of there in five minutes. Seriously, Mr or Mrs Argos boss, this new system is great, thank you for improving things – I really like going back now, I’m not spending my entire lunch hour in there. Has anyone else found the new Argos to be a bazillion times improved too?

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