A Day Of No Technology – The Results:

I passed. Just. No internet is interesting. I rely on it a huge amount – from checking if trains are running to times if we go out, so having Shaun check (and not even let me look at the computer) was interesting – I prefer to do it all myself so had to let him do it instead – and as he told me various times I couldn’t understand it – I’m definitely someone who needs to see things to understand them.

I only had one text. Shaun took charge of my phone (I put it on silent), and I think as most of my friends knew I was doing this that might text me, they just got in touch with Shaun instead.

Emails. I have loads. On Friday night I unsubscribed from places I’ve been signed up with, but just delete the mails without reading which I should have done a long time ago. That, or places I’m subscribed under multiple addresses. I still had about 250+ emails to go through this morning, though none were urgent, and all were easily dealt with.

I noticed how much I look at something and think “ooh, must Instagram that!” (like I’ve got some huge audience checking my photos, when I probably get 2-3 likes per picture – I’m fine with that btw – it’s just funny how I felt like I needed to document so much!). I also had a few messages I was due that hadn’t arrived, and there was no way other than electronically I could get them (Shaun checked a Facebook message, but only remembered to tell me tonight). These days it’s email or Facebook or texts or even phone calls, and in the past it was just hoping a message would get to the person before we all had mobiles.


If I was to compare today versus yesterday, then having internet has been something we couldn’t have managed without. My phone is useless (I can’t even post on Facebook on it – though can upload photos), the internet is slow apart from the app to check bus times (occasionally) but I’ve come to rely on it. When we were out and about I could use Wifi to find out train times home and bookshops near where we were to shop, and had I done the challenge today I’d have failed (or would still be in Central London with Shaun and H wanting to kill me).

Having said that, there were things which are our everyday lives I had to cram into Friday night – doing two washloads, getting some bread made in the breadmaker and so on – and on getting home on Saturday we all opted for soup, but only had time to use the Soup Maker, so Shaun had to do it – in fact, he had to make breakfast (toaster, coffee maker – we’re out of instant coffee) and lunch (toasties in the George Formby grill) – and it’s the little things we own to make our busy lives easier which we’d have really missed. Poor Shaun!

I missed playing Solitaire on the iPad last thing at night, though finished knitting my new hat (and wore it today!), so I achieved something from yesterday. Also, H and I did a spot of Finger Knitting (which I then insisted Shaun took a photo of for my Project 365 photo for yesterday) – she was a natural and had the patience for it too which was nice – we’ve since done more because it’s fun – I think I’ll be getting the bobbin out in the coming week to let her do it properly.

H had her nursery open morning and review, and I found some information on the walls I’d forgotten about (TfL’s Road Safety for 3 year olds and upwards), which I wanted to text to myself as a reminder – but instead had to rely on my memory, which didn’t let me down. I just signed her up, anyway.

We went to Ikea. We had an argument about a lightbulb. I’d like to think this was because we were in Ikea rather than it being about a lack of technology – and Shaun used his card or we paid with cash. In fact, the only time which could have been borderline fail was when I used the code to get into nursery – as it’s an electronic pad. Sorry. I could have knocked until we were let in (or asked Shaun to key it in), but it didn’t cross my mind.

So, would I do this again? Maybe. I found it was worse in the evening – around this time – when I’m online more. Through the day was fine and easily forgotten about. Not taking photos was hard. I didn’t realise how much I relied on technology. I didn’t get around to starting my Peter Hook book, and not being online I missed the announcement about the My Bloody Valentine album (though I’d probably not have been able to buy it anyway seeing as their website crashed). I saw a newspaper headline with the words “Gazza” and “dying” and wanted to google it (rather than buy The Sun), but had to wait until today.

So yes, I might give this another go in the summer, or when it’s a bit warmer. Does anyone else fancy the challenge? Come on, it’s fun! (and all your friends will ask you why too)

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