Protecting your iPad – a Review

So, two weeks ago I bought myself an iPad Mini. We already have an iPad which was given to us by one of my very excellent friends, and we use it a lot – but as time progresses I’m finding Apple is moving so quickly that things are going out of date way too fast; horribly so. We had some games which wouldn’t load and some which crashed and actually, reviewing iPad Apps means you need something to try them on, so that’s how I justified the expense, but there was a problem.

I got it home and gazed at this new object of beauty – BUT – it needs a good protective cover. Something which if I take it out and about will protect it. My bag is a bit like a tardis, I find all kinds of things in there I don’t expect to – so I can’t guarantee anything is completely safe in there.

ipad cover

A day later, and I was approached by Mobile Fun to see if I’d like to try an iPad case out – talk about perfect timing! So I went with the SD Tabletwear as it looks like the kind of thing which would suit, doesn’t look too bulky and still does what I need it to. Oh, and there’s a little ledge where you can prop up the iPad too.

Being an organised company, they’ve even done a YouTube video which if you’re like me and don’t bother reading instructions, is pretty handy – so watch on…

So, what do I think? I really like it, it’s been in my bag several times and there’s been no issues. My iPad Mini is well protected and stays put, and there’s even a little hole where the lens is so you can keep taking photos – important if you’re like me and have to take photos of everything, ever. The hole was in the right place and so far I’ve not had any photos with a border, which is good! I used it to when we went into London last Wednesday for the Henry Hugglemonster drawing morning and got some great photos really quickly.

There’s also one other feature I really like – the iPad comes on when you open the case, and switches off when you close it. Just a teeny tiny little thing there, but I like it. Even better, it isn’t a bank-breaking price, coming in at £19.95.

I was sent a protective case for review, all opinions are my own.

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