A Healthy Me – April

It has been my birthday month, which has meant cake. This has also meant I’ve put weight on. This is not ideal!

I’ve got more of a routine about going to the gym on a Wednesday night now, which works for me – and it’s quiet too so I feel less conscious. I’m not working out enough I end up sweaty and tired, but I can tell I’m doing something, and every week I do five or ten minutes longer on the machine than the previous one.

My back – no bother at all. I even fell over and didn’t twist anything. I had four weeks break from pilates due to Easter which hasn’t made things worse. All good there, and my Osteopath appointments are now nearly two months apart.

Food – could do with improvement. I enjoyed my birthday, and in doing so, ate badly.

Weight. 13 stoneĀ 5. Same as last month I think? Phew.

Cholesterol Spots. No change.

Vitamins. We’ve run out. I keep forgetting to get more.

So yes, a month where I pigged out, and I’m now curbing my intake, although it’s hard with a biscuit tin nearby at work (and they had Bahlsen biscuits in there yesterday). Onwards to May!

(as a sidenote, I’ve just seen some video footage of me, and I can see I need to lose weight. There’s bad angles and big chins, but I’m going with it as I’m happy with what is said in the interview)

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