Project 365 – Week 18

Sunday 26th April. Disney on Ice. H and her pal F from school had tickets for Disney On Ice – and they both loved it. I wish I’d had blinkers to put on H when we entered Wembley Arena with all the merchandise on offer – my girl has expensive tastes… but we kept it simple thank goodness. It was a great show, and we headed to the South Bank afterwards for food and to have a run around – plus we wanted to show them the two Shaun the Sheep statues there – a busy day and loads of fun. Our next planned trip is to see Matilda the Musical!

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Monday 27th April. I got the Call of Dooom from school. H was feeling dizzy and had a temperature. She didn’t actually have a temperature once I took it when we got home, but was dizzy. This is a random picture of a flower basket we bought at the weekend which H chose. It matches our purple wall planter thingummy well.

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Tuesday 28th April. Still not right. Took her to the doctors later that day and she has an ear infection in BOTH ears. Her immune system is good, which meant she had no pain, just the dizziness which is a relief. Previous ear infections have been painful for her. It was an early night. I took a photo of H in bed, but I don’t need to post it here – it’s just my girl sleeping.

Wednesday 29th April. I took the day off work as she was on antibiotics and still dizzy. Except she seemed to run around with a hula hoop around her ankles. Definitely getting better…

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Thursday 30th April. I was SO stressed about today for reasons I can’t go into here. Luckily my ‘Montage of Heck’ DVD turned up at home, so while Shaun was out watching ‘Have I Got News For You’ being filmed, I curled up on the settee to watch the documentary. It was good, and interesting how it portrays Kurt Cobain. I did get a bit tired watching it, so a second viewing is happening sometime soon… (edited to add, we watched it again, I fell asleep again!)

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Friday 1st May. My copy of Hans Christian Andersen on DVD arrived! There are so many films, musicals which never get shown on tv any more (even Grease hasn’t been on for years), and I know H will love this as she knows a few of the songs already. I used to love it when I was young, so I have high hopes. Another DVD for the collection…

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Saturday 2nd May. Something awoke in H today – we were invited to Petts Wood FC for a training session with Casey Stoney the Arsenal and England footballer to launch McDonalds Football Mum of the Year. We left home with H grumpy and not wanting to join in, to us leaving and her demanding another run around the fields. She even went with Shaun to the park for a game for the first time in ages.  I feel slightly emotional that something as simple as a training session which she ‘gets’ could be all that restarts the love of football, and I really hope we keep it up. I love this picture – she had to run to Casey and give her a high five!

casey high five

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  1. It sounds like you have had a lovely start to the week, such a shame your little one got an infection in her ears. Just to let you know that all but 2 pics are of your beautiful hanging basket though!


    1. thank you Stephanie – I had no idea! I can never see Instagram pictures in a browser and I usually check the dates but was in a rush this week – thank you for letting me know!

      We’re back at the docs today, she’s still got dizziness in her ears, poor thing! I hope it shifts soon 🙁


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