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We were introduced to Achica a few months ago by¬†Rachel, and I was immediately drawn to the things they have for offer. We rent (rather than own) our house, and always have done (though all furniture is our own) – which means when we move we have a mish-mash of things which don’t quite match, which I like to think has some kind of charm.

Which is where Achica comes in – they have loads of homeware items, and what with the new year being here I’ve been browsing and dreaming of my ideal bedroom and living areas – after all, our decor is neutral with only our various settees and beds that don’t quite match – I feel like we need some colour!

So I had one of those imaginary spending things I do from time to time – have you ever done that? You browse online, add all the things you want to your shopping cart, but don’t check out… sort of like you’re spending, and then you’re left admiring a hefty shop which you have to sadly let go.

I chose some really nice things and got a bit excited by it all!

I’m a sucker for spots and stripes, and this jumped out at me – it’s grown up without being too grown up – it sits with what I like (and what Shaun has to put up with!) and is still quite grown up looking – a Mocha and Cream super king size duvet set. Mmmmm.

Achica Mocha and Stripe Super King Size Duvet

Our two settees don’t match at all – they’re from different places, so I tend to cover them with a throw or two to blend them in a bit – however, one thing you can never slack off on is bright colourful cushions – you need something that jumps out a bit, fits in with our style (or lack of) and looks good. In fact, the only downside is that it is dry clean only, so will be kept well away from the three-year old…

Achica Spot Cushion

Finally, way back when H was born, she was sent a gorgeous quilt cover/throw for her bed for when she gets older – it’ll be perfect for the summertime, and is almost identical to this cushion I spotted. We didn’t get a pillowcase to match (though to be fair, I think a cushion would suit it better than a pillowcase), but I can see this on H’s bed with the other cover – while I look on jealously at how lovely it looks.

Extra bonus – it’s machine washable, so perfect for the three-year old! (then again, maybe I should just keep it for myself…)

Achica Patchwork Cushion

Now, earlier I did say about a hefty shop that I’d be doing, adding these to my shopping cart – but actually, all of these come in at ¬£46.98!! Which when you consider most super king size duvet sets can cost more than that, is a really good bargain.

So I window shopped a bit more and drooled over the Pantone dining things on offer, dreamed about them a bit but knew as we bought new plates not that long ago that it’d be silly to buy more. Well, maybe just a Tangerine Tango cup… swoon…

What I like about Achica are the brands they offer – and the discounts. I don’t like paying full price for something if I feel it’s a lot of money – whereas with Achica I feel like I’m buying good quality goods at a fantastic price. This must therefore mean that I win!

I received a voucher for this feature, all opinions are my own.

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