Weight Watchers Weekly Challenge 1 – Sort Your Fridge

As a Weight Watchers blogger ambassador with badge, I’ll be getting weekly challenges – I won’t have to do them all, but if I can, I’ll try. Week one is a nice simple one – Sort Your Fridge.

My Fridge

I’ve found that a few of my friends who’ve followed my journey so far have wanted to think about starting Weight Watchers – and asked for advice – especially after Christmas when we’ve got tons of cakes, chocolate and biscuits around that need to be eaten (especially those fresh ones). So, the challenge involves us checking our fridge to see what we’ve got that have high ProPoints value (PPV) and either portion control them, or find things to substitute them with once they’re gone. I would say that having already done WeightWatchers for three months, that the portion control is our way – though actually we were pretty good over Christmas. However, there are things which aren’t so friendly…

Hummous (good for a few more days yet), passata (ditto), cheese (needs to be used up) and loads and loads of vegetables. There are potatoes in the cupboard too.

So. What works well with those last few Christmas bits? Soup, of course!

Soup veg

Here’s the recipe :

Leek (two) (0 PPV)
Butternut Squash (half) (0 PPV)
Courgette (one) (0 PPV)
Sprouts (five – one was a bit yucky on the picture) (0 PPV)
Broccoli (two sections) (0 PPV)
one low salt stock cube (1 PPV)

cheese to splosh in there once cooked (3 PPV)


Mars Galaxy ‘A Gift For You’ Chocolate for afterwards (5 PPV) (well the chocolate isn’t going to eat itself, is it?)

Wash and chop all the vegetables. Stick everything in your soup maker, and add water up to the maximum. Leave until ready – when ready open lid and add cheese to let it melt a bit.

Result? This : Christmas Vegetable Soup

So I ate the Mars Galaxy bar, which has taken me to the maximum for my points today – a grand total of 29. I should have broken it in half and shared it with Shaun. (he’d agree with that).

Anyway, if you take away the chocolate, then the soup comes to around 4 PPV, which divided into our portion sizes I reckon would come in at 2 points. However, I had bread with it. I didn’t have any WeightWatchers bread in the house (I’d normally have a WW bread roll with soup – 3PPV) so used my home-made, which has now taken me six points over my daily allowance. Sob! If only I hadn’t had that chocolate..

So yes, we’ll be living on vegetable soups and stews for the forseeable future which is absolutely fine by me…

I’ve been given six months of Weight Watchers membership and various goodies to try, all opinions are my own.

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