Easy Quesadillas

This recipe is a so-obvious-I-can’t-believe-we-haven’t-done-this-before one.

You need :

Tortillas (we used the Weight Watchers ones, 3 points each, though 5 points for two which was good)
cheese (I had a WW cheese slice – 1 point)

Whichever vegetables you want (we did a red and yellow pepper)

splash of oil

Spray the oil in your pan and cook the vegetables a tiny bit – add spice here if you want some.

Get your tortilla – put the cheese on it, then when the pepper is cooked add that.

Put a second tortilla on top

Weight Watchers Friendly Quesadillas

Place into oven, which should be on a low heat – enough to melt cheese and warm the tortilla, and leave in there for five minutes

Take out, and slice into four or six pieces. Eat straight away. If you want to add some cream to it, Quark is a good substitute and is low points too.

Yum! They’re a slightly more interesting variation on toasties too.


  1. We eat these on Christmas morning, they’re a family tradition! Rather than peppers, we use a bit of tomato and courgette – Flea finds pepper too bitter.


    1. Ohh I like the sound of that – although H hates tomatoes (I do too, but I can live with sauce and sundried ones). We’ve already got too many courgettes so I’m going to give it a try, thanks for the comment! (and that sounds an ACE Christmas family tradition too!)


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